10 Infamous Personalities Whose Alleged Ties to Black Magic Shook the World…

Numerous mysteries exist in the universe, ranging from those related to life and death. People started turning to the occult in order to reveal many of these secrets. Whether it be to slake a hunger for fame, love, or wealth.

When it comes to indulging in black magic, celebrities are no different, and what’s intriguing is that most of them don’t even hide. Many people publicly engage in magic practice and research.

Artists, writers, and musicians have all been suspected and accused for decades. Let’s examine how well-known individuals stoked popular interest in the occult by engaging in it.

1. Lana Del Rey Tweeted an Encoded Message

10 Famous People Who Allegedly Practiced Black Magic

Singer Lana del Rey tweeted four days after Donald Trump was elected president in February 2017. It was a coded message (since deleted) with dates and the following sentence: Ingredients are available online.

Her supporters found her role in the global campaign to hex Trump when they followed the tweets. The woman acknowledged her participation in this ritual in July 2017.

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2. David Bowie’s Obsession with Black Magic

Bowie was undoubtedly the most influential rock performer, adored for his look, demeanor, and sound. However, circumstances surrounding him became more bizarre throughout the 1970s, particularly when he was working on the 1976 album Station to Station.

What was so strange? He couldn’t recall it because he was too wrapped up in magic, beer, and cocaine. His passion for magic became quite prosperous. Bowie started utilizing it for all kinds of things, including success and self-defense against evil powers.

The person would draw a pentagon on every available surface. Bowie also engaged in peculiar rituals, continued crazy rants, and refused to go higher than the third story.

This was hardly the strangest thing about Bowie; rather, it was his conviction that witches were planning to use his seed to produce a demon child. In addition to cherishing the idea, he also hired a white witch to remove the curse and exorcise his home.

3. Grimes Sought Mystic Forces

10 Famous People Who Allegedly Practiced Black Magic

Grimes, the witch house artist, is adored for her eccentric persona. The Canadian artist frequently includes mystical figures in her music videos, and she has even tweeted images of esoteric texts.

If you’ve been keeping up with Grimes’ life, you may be aware of the severe measures she takes to record, such as isolating herself without access to food, drink, or company.

She engages in these behaviors repeatedly in an effort to access strange planes of awareness. The singer appeared to be channeling spirit when she spoke to the Guardian. Grimes had the impression that her songs were rewritten from the start.

4. William S. Burroughs Cursed His Competitor

Burrough was a renowned writer of the 20th century who made a significant contribution to the field of literature. He is less well-known for his fondness for curse words because he is best recognized for his novel Naked Lunch.

The man will curse anything for any cause, including people and locations. Burrough later admitted that he used magic to ensure that a restaurant in London provided subpar service in order to force it to close.

Borough also swore at Truman Capote, another writer. They both used to disparage each other’s work, and it went on for years until Burrough lost his cool and felt obligated to write an open letter of abuse.

The letter’s main argument was that Capote was completely done as a writer and would never have anything more to add or be able to write another phrase.

Burrough’s curse actually materialized—how bizarre. Only one of Capote’s works was published, and it caused him to be shunned by the celebrity community.

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5. Sir Christopher Lee Treasure The Most Comprehensive Collection of Occult Books

10 Famous People Who Allegedly Practiced Black Magic

Sir Christopher Lee was adored for his portrayal of a menacing antagonist, but soon his on-screen life started to resemble his real one.

The actor was suspected of engaging in occult activities on multiple occasions. Later, a story spread that he was the owner of the largest collection of esoteric literature in the world.

As evidence of his expertise on the subject, Lee refuted these allegations and issued a stern warning. He has warned the public on numerous occasions that he knows persons who engage in black magic. Lee emphasized that in the process, one will also lose their soul in addition to their mind.

6. Jimmy Page And His Occult Bookstore

Great English guitarist Jimmy Page is also said to be the most well-known practitioner of black magic. At age 11, he first discovered writing, after which he quickly became engaged in Aleister Crowley’s works.

Page started amassing magic books as a teenager. According to rumors, the man purchased both the Moleskine house and the old scary house. In order to create Equinox, a London-based occult bookstore, he also sold one of his residences.

The page has incorporated occult allusions into his music and has displayed black magic symbols while performing.

7. Björk Was Occult Upbringing


Famous Icelandic singer Bjork is renowned for her solo work in which she performs a wide range of musical genres.

Her mother was a witch, which should be enough to frighten any traditionalist. She spoke about her mystical convictions in a 1995 interview.

Bjork claims that as soon as she turned 18, she was informed about her fortune and everything associated with it. Her mother exposed her to the magical world by taking her to an Icelandic occult monster.

8. Debate on Lennon Selling His Soul To The Devil

Many articles have been written about whether or not Lennon sold his soul to the devil in exchange for fame and wealth.

A surprising assertion made by author Joseph Niezgoda claimed that he could pinpoint exactly when John Lennon had his soul taken from him and that it happened on the eve of December 27, 1960.

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9. Sammy Davis, Jr., Flirted With Satanism

10 Famous People Who Allegedly Practiced Black Magic

Famous entertainer Sammy Davis rarely turned down any opportunity that came his way. He did dabble with Satanism for a good number of years before joining an orgy in 1968.

Davis starred as a low-level demon trying to advance through hell by obtaining the soul in his perhaps the worst sitcom, “Poor Devil,” which he produced. The sitcom’s only amusing elements are its in-depth depictions of hell.

10. Daryl Hall Claimed Being A Descendant Of Famous Black Magic Practitioners

Hall has spent years delving into the dark arts, although few people are familiar with his music. He also asserts that he is a descendant of renowned magician Aleister Crowley from the 19th century. The man had been fixated on Crowley’s and other occult teachings for ten years.