10 Female Celebrities Who Proudly Embrace Their Natural Looks Without…

In a world where cosmetic procedures are so widely available, accepted, and even encouraged, it is so refreshing to see images of famous people without plastic surgery. It almost feels like having the ideal face and body is a requirement to succeed, not just in Hollywood, but in the entertainment industry as a whole.

The rise in cosmetic surgery among A-listers and everyday individuals who aren’t in the spotlight isn’t only the fault of the entertainment industry; social media also has a significant impact. About $16.7 billion was spent on cosmetic treatments in the United States in 2020, and we know that not all of that money came from celebrities, according to the most recent annual figures from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

1. Meryl Streep

10 female celebrities who never had plastic surgery

Meryl Streep, the most Academy Award-nominated actress in history with 21 nods and three wins, is evidence that you don’t need to adhere to traditional Hollywood beauty standards to thrive in the business. Moreover, she doesn’t seem to have undergone much, if any, cosmetic surgery.

The 73-year-old Devil Wears Prada actress revealed that she was hesitant to get surgery since she had witnessed how disastrous it had been for so many of her colleagues. This seems like a wonderful excuse to us! In 2009, she told Vanity Fair, “When I see it in individuals I meet, it’s like a break in contact with them.” The actor equivalent of wearing a veil might say, “It’s like a flag in front of the view, and that’s not a good thing.” She further stated in a separate interview with Good Housekeeping: “I’m simply not getting it. You must accept becoming older. When you’ve lost a lot of loved ones, you understand how valuable life is and how special each day is.”

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2. Kate Beckinsale

10 female celebrities who never had plastic surgery

When the 49-year-old Underworld actress was linked to Pete Davidson, who is 20 years her junior, back in 2021, she demonstrated that she does not require plastic surgery to seem youthful or attract younger guys. Also, she frequently astounds viewers with her age-defying, natural appearance on red carpets! She stated in 2021 to the Sunday Times that she hasn’t “I’ve had any” cosmetic treatments, and I don’t mind people getting them. But I do have an expletive. It’s kind of assumed that I’ve got it, but I’ve actually never had it.”

The Serendipity actress continued by stating that her reluctance to undergo cosmetic surgery or even less invasive non-surgical procedures like Botox and fillers is a result of both her dread and her mother’s warnings about potential complications!

She remarked, “I’m afraid of paralyzing my face. “My mother’s voice is always quite audible in my brain. Despite the fact that she distrusts anything of the kind and looks [crap] beautiful and fantastic, my mother wouldn’t even get a facial. I am aware that if I underwent Botox, I would be the one with the drooping eye, and my mother would exclaim, “I [expletive] told you!” See? Never should you do that.” Thus it appears that age-defying genes are passed down through the family!

3. Michelle Pfeiffer

10 female celebrities who never had plastic surgery

The 64-year-old Scarface actress said she wants to age gracefully and avoid seeming like a wax replica of herself, and we believe her goal has been attained! She confirmed that she doesn’t judge other people for getting surgery as long as it doesn’t completely change their faces and make them unrecognizably, but she did say that she would never completely rule it out as long as it was done tastefully (and safely, as like so many of the celebs on this list, she fears it going wrong!)

She earlier told People, “Sometimes I think about it, sometimes I don’t.” “I’m not guaranteeing that I won’t get cosmetic surgery in the future. I believe that as you get older, saying “never” becomes tougher and harder. especially when they are in the spotlight. I don’t believe it matters much; if people want to do something here or there, so be it. If it improves their self-confidence a tiny bit… Anything which I oppose is excessive. poor cosmetic surgery, too. When it becomes a distraction to my thinking and when individuals no longer appear to be themselves. so long as it doesn’t catch up with them.”

4. Charlize Theron

10 female celebrities who never had plastic surgery

The 47-year-old Prometheus actress hasn’t held back when it comes to discussing her anxiety about aging. She admitted to fearing aging in an interview from 2012, saying that she wishes she had the courage to age gracefully but is all too aware of Hollywood’s unattainable beauty standards. “On some days, I can tell when I look in the mirror that I need to locate a cream. It’s challenging in this field since, in my opinion, appearance is given such a lot of weight. I lack the courage to say, “You know what? I’ll simply sit back and let it happen. Whatever. I don’t care about a single wrinkle on my face “She spoke out.

Having said that, she declared at the time that she didn’t anticipate getting plastic surgery! We do respect her for never saying never, but she did add, “I can’t envision myself ever going under the knife, but then again, I’m just in my mid-thirties.

” “Maybe things change when you’re in your mid-sixties. I thus don’t want to speculate about where I’ll be in 30 years, “Said she.

5. Brooke Shields

10 female celebrities who never had plastic surgery

You may assume that the Suddenly Susan actor, 57, got her beautiful features through plastic surgery, but she actually admitted that she was “afraid” of the procedure, suggesting that she is a natural beauty. I mean, really! Shields discussed her aging process during a 2019 appearance on What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. She revealed to the talk show host that she is avoiding plastic surgery in favor of less intrusive self-care methods.

“Cohen responded, “You stated, “I have not done anything to my face. “Would you ever give it thought? He questioned her, “Do you consider it? ” She said, “So I’m terrified of it. But I also want to take all the necessary steps to feel and look my best.” She acknowledged that one of those things is a non-invasive body sculpting procedure called WarmSculpting with SculpSure. It’s very amazing, Shields remarked. “Despite my extensive exercise, I still have like, [crap] from my children. It’s absolutely wonderful. It genuinely works to get rid of fat cells.” She must be living proof that it does, we suppose!

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6. Kristen Stewart

10 female celebrities who never had plastic surgery

At just 32 years old, the Spencer actress is one of the youngest celebs on our list, but seeing how many of her contemporaries have already undergone several surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures before they turn thirty is refreshing!

She declared in a 2015 interview with Harper’s Bazaar that she would “never” get cosmetic surgery since the thought “freaked” her out. She said to the pub, “And maybe this is utterly conceited, but I don’t want to alter anything about myself “The ladies who do, in my opinion, are insane. It is vandalism.” Yikes! 7

7. Eva Longoria

10 female celebrities who never had plastic surgery

The Desperate Housewives veteran, 47, has aged well without the use of cosmetic surgery. And even if she *has* received any assistance from minimally invasive treatments like Botox, which she hasn’t confirmed, it’s obvious that the effects are as natural-looking as possible because she appears to have lost none of her youthful appearances. Better still!

The actress stated that the aging process was “inevitable and it’s happening, so I don’t believe we should fight it too hard” in an interview with Prevention. “Age, in my opinion, is a sign of maturity, experience, and wisdom. I personally lean into it. Thus, I kind of have a different strategy “Added she. “Longoria continued by saying that while she might not seem as wrinkle-free as some of her classmates, she really sees the benefits of growing older and everything that comes with it rather than the drawbacks. She said, “I know I’m in Hollywood, but I’m old.” “I’m experiencing all the changes that come with becoming older. Then I say, “Alright, let’s get started.” I tend to equate it with good things rather than, “Here’s the beginning of the end.” She has a nice style!

8. Emma Thompson

10 female celebrities who never had plastic surgery

In a 2022 interview with The Wrap, the 63-year-old Sense and Sensibility actress said that she is a “card-carrying, sort of militant feminist about women’s bodies” who doesn’t understand the “strange” allure of someone wanting to modify their look through plastic surgery.

The Oscar-winning actor stated, “I do honestly think the cutting of oneself off to put it in another place to avoid appearing to do what you’re actually doing, which is aging, which is entirely normal, is a type of collective madness. I genuinely believe that to be a very unusual thing to do.

9. Amanda Peet

10 female celebrities who never had plastic surgery

The 50-year-old Animal Room actress admitted that she has “never received Botox or fillers” or “done anything to my face that’s ‘invasive’,” adding that having two children greatly influenced her decision not to have surgery. She said on SiriusXM’s Conversations with Maria Menounos that “I think it has a lot to do with having two children,” adding that her decision to avoid surgery doesn’t imply that she doesn’t take pleasure in her looks. She said, “I’ve certainly spent a lot of time and money on other things, and I absolutely am vain.

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10. Jodie Foster

10 female celebrities who never had plastic surgery

The 59-year-old Silence of the Lambs actress made it very plain that she personally doesn’t want plastic surgery, and that’s her decision, even if she doesn’t necessarily think poorly of others who do. She admitted to More Magazine, “It’s not my thing,” before stating that she would much rather someone criticize her natural appearance than a poorly executed cosmetic treatment!

“For other people, I have nothing against it. I don’t mind what they choose to do “She went on. “It’s basically a self-image issue for me. For example, I would prefer someone to comment, “Wow, that girl has a poor nose,” rather than, “Wow, that girl had a bad nose job.” A statement that acknowledges who I am would be preferable to one that implies I am embarrassed by who I am.”