10 Kitchen Tools and Equipment that Will Make You Feel Like a Pro

Cooking is both loved and hated by different people all over the world. Those who hate cooking have many reasons for doing so, and having the wrong kitchen equipment could be one of those reasons. Whether you love cooking or not, here are 10 kitchen tools and pieces of equipment that will make cooking much more enjoyable, and will make you feel like a pro.

#1: Balloon Whisk

You may already have an electric mixer, but you’ll feel more like a professional baker with a giant balloon whisk. These are slightly larger than your typical whisks, and they’re perfect for mixing heavy creamy and other thick food substances. You can also use it to make homemade chocolate pudding or homemade salad dressing.

#2: Chef’s Knife & Wooden Cutting Board

You may or may not already own this kitchen tool, as it’s being used by virtually everyone who cooks from time to time— not just professional chefs. A good chef’s knife will allow you to easily cut anything, from vegetables to meat.

In addition to a chef’s knife, you’ll also need a good wooden cutting board. Cutting food on other surfaces just doesn’t cut it. Also, make sure you know how to properly clean your cutting board, especially after cutting raw meat.

#3: Dough Scraper

For those who like to bake, having a dough scraper on hand will definitely make you feel like a pro. This stainless steel or plastic tool will help you lift and divide your dough and get all of the dough out of your mixing bowl.

#4: Kitchen Scale

Most people who cook own at least one measuring cup, which is great for measuring wet and dry ingredients in fluid ounces/milliliters. However, when you need your measurements in solid ounces/pounds or milligrams, a digital kitchen scale is going to come in handy. You’ll no longer have to guess when measuring your dry ingredients, and you’ll have a much more accurate measurement.

#5: Nylon Pan Scraper

Sometimes the handiest gadgets aren’t the ones that allow you to cook, but they’re the ones that allow for a more efficient cleanup process. A nylon pan scraper is used to scrape the food residue off of your pans and other dishes, essentially like a scrub brush. However, this tool can do a more efficient job than a scrub brush.

#6: Paring Knife

As amazing as a chef’s knife is, it’s not always the best choice when cutting food. It’s also easier to accidentally cut yourself with such a large knife, especially for simpler tasks, such as peeling fruit. For this reason, you’ll also need a paring knife in addition to your chef’s knife.

#7: Silicone Spatula and Spoon

Both spatulas and spoons are common items that you can find in anyone’s kitchen, but silicone spatulas and spoons are much more sturdy than your typical spatulas/large spoons. These tools also typically have flexible handles, making them perfect for stirring thick batter— this means the handle won’t break on you. If you’re on a budget, a giant silicone spoon can also double as a spatula.

#8: Thermometer

Another handy tool to have in your kitchen is a digital thermometer. This will let you know the internal temperature of whatever you’re cooking— usually necessary for meat. Oftentimes, when cooking meat you won’t have specific instructions; only an internal temperature to let you know that it’s been cooked all the way through. This can be hard to decipher without a digital thermometer.

#9: Vegetable Peeler

One thing you may not want to use your paring knife for— and definitely not your chef’s knife— is peeling vegetables. Vegetables like cucumbers and potatoes can be difficult to peel with a knife, so you’ll need a vegetable peeler to get the job done instead. The blades are smaller and positioned in a way that makes it less likely for you to cut yourself. The blades also stay sharp longer than most knives.

#10: Whipped Cream Charger

A whipped cream charger is a metal canister filled with nitrous oxide (N2O). This gas is used to prevent your whipped cream from oxidizing, allowing it to last longer. This tool allows you to make your own whipped cream to apply to your favorite desserts or beverages. Exotic Whip is now offering products in the U.S., so you’ll be able to feel like a professional baker when you can make everything from your dough to your whipped cream from scratch.

 These 10 kitchen tools can make cooking and baking much easier, and they may even inspire you to eat more home-cooked meals, as opposed to going out to eat.