10 Tips On How To Beat A Slot Machine

Slot machines are the easiest and most popular games in many online casinos around the world. Unfortunately, most people just rely on luck alone. They do not know that there are several tricks that can be done to maximize the potential for winning. In other words, slot machines offer a lot more than just luck. Here are 10 useful tips to increase your chances of winning against any slot machine.

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1. Understand the Machine You Are Dealing With

Don’t even think about outsmarting the machine because that is impossible. You can only understand the slot machines and take more advantage of them. To note, all slot machines are based on RNG. What is RNG? It is a kind of random number generator that generates a combination of numbers and thus determines the outcome of the spin. If you don’t understand the RNG of a machine, all you can do is bet on your luck which will unfortunately cost you more.

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2. Learn the Information About Game Developer

All slot machines must be developed by someone (more precisely a group of people) and by knowing the developer, you can do more searches to find out the RTP percentage. By understanding the RTP value of a group of slot machines, you can decide which of them is worth playing.

3. Make Free Spins Your Friend

Free spins are a good opportunity for you to increase your luck. With free spins, you mean that you can increase your odds while minimizing your risk. No novice anxiety is one of the characteristics of playing for free. For your info, here you may play for free the best online slot machines.

4. Use Counterfeit Money as an Exercise

Why should you always use real money? Use counterfeit money first to train your sensitivity. You need to practice and using fake money is the best way to practice as much as possible without worrying about losing real money. No need to be ashamed! You are better off using counterfeit money than losing real money that you can’t afford.

5. Compare pay tables

At first glance this may seem trivial but in reality, it is very important. By studying and comparing several different pay tables, you will find out more information than most players. From there you can find out which machines have more leads.

6. Learn About Special Bonus Offers

Special bonuses are a helper for everyone. No matter how little or how much experience you have, the special bonus offer is something you simply cannot afford to ignore. They are not always available but once one of them comes you have to catch it. Generally, special bonuses are in the form of reloads, free spins and seasonal bonuses. How not to miss the train? You can subscribe to information sent by email or text message.

7. Be True to Your Betting Limits

Never be tempted to increase the betting limit. You should stay disciplined with your plan and budget. Discipline is the difference between successful players and those who are not. If you stay disciplined, you may not win big prizes quickly but it is unlikely that you will go bankrupt in an instant.

8. Start with the Smallest Value

Increasing the bet gradually is one of the basic rules. If you start small, over time you will learn special tricks and, in your struggles, you will not lose a large amount of money in no time. Remember that a big loss is a morale-killer for many people.

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9. Don’t Be Fooled by Fake Strategies

By not being fooled by false strategies, you can concentrate on the right ways. False strategies are often very attractively packaged, deceiving so many novice players.

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It should be noted that some victims of fake strategies are those who already have a fair amount of experience.
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There is no strategy to outsmart the slot machines. You can only understand the related parameters to increase your chances of winning.

10. Don’t Drink and Play at the Same Time

The best strategy to beat slots is to avoid getting drunk and gambling at the same time. Usually, people lose control of their senses when they are drunk and make foolish decisions. To avoid this, always gamble with a clear mind.


Use these 10 slot machine tips to improve your chances of winning. Slots are almost impossible to win in the long run unless you hit a big jackpot, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do everything in your power to win sometimes.