2022’s Most Important Game Development Trends

2022's Most Important Game Development Trends

In contrast to the film industry, the future of game creation has been continually evolving for years. With the advancement of technology, game production has undergone a significant transformation, prompting firms to use new technologies to make gaming more distinctive than before.

According to industry research company SuperData, gaming revenue in 2020 is expected to reach $139.9 billion, up from $120.1 billion in 2019. During that year, video games had a significant impact on 9 out of 10 persons in the United States.

Furthermore, Asia has the world’s biggest video gaming market, with about 1.48 billion players in 2021, followed by Europe with over 715 million players. In 2021, 3.24 billion people played video games on average throughout the globe.

So, where do we go from here? The gaming business will witness important advancements and changes in the next years as it continues to become popular.

Gaming on the Blockchain

Blockchain has redefined gaming as a viable area with a plethora of prospects, thanks to its use of sophisticated data encryption technologies. Thanks to blockchain technology, organizations may now safeguard their apps in a highly secure environment by preventing hackers from gaining access to or damaging online transactions.

This technology aids with the security and safety of in-game purchases. Furthermore, blockchain technology will let players to transition from a Pay2Win to a Play2Earn environment, enhancing developer safety and security. As a result, Blockchain has the potential to be an exciting, inventive, and revolutionary platform for creating and storing in-game assets.

2022's Most Important Game Development Trends

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Cloud-based gaming

Gaming as a service or on-demand gaming is referred to as cloud-based gaming, in which a cloud service streams content to personal devices, enabling game participants to access it. As a result, the requirement to download and install games on a computer or mobile device is reduced.

Although a solid internet connection is important since it needs streaming services to provide information or content to users’ applications or browsers on their devices. Users may interact with anything locally on their device while rendering and playing the game on the distant server.


Wearables are technological gadgets that may be worn on the body. Sensors are utilized in these electronic gadgets to collect, analyze, and communicate data in real time to consumers. Wearable technology is employed in smartwatches, wristbands, and rings, among other things.

Wearable gadgets are often used for health and fitness purposes, and the gaming sector is fast expanding. The data-tracking wearables may be used to monitor a gamer’s gaming session, for example, and can help enhance the gamer’s gaming experience by analyzing and utilising the data.

While some wearables are used to track everything from examining, measuring, and monitoring a gaming player’s performance in real-time, others are utilized to keep track of everything else. Furthermore, they boost streaming quality using separate microphones, enhancing the entire gaming experience for gamers all around the globe.

5G’s Ascension

5G networks are gaining popularity as a result of the significance of speed. For gaming app development firms, application performance is the most important factor in generating more money. Users like high-speed games since they don’t have to wait minutes for a prize-based competition to begin.

Furthermore, this kind of motivator encourages users to go above and beyond to win each game. As a consequence, businesses are more likely to communicate with a larger number of people.

Mobile gaming

Another ever-growing trend in gaming is mobile gaming, which will continue to develop in the future years as the number of smartphone users worldwide increases. The global mobile gaming industry is expected to surpass 1.5 billion people by 2021. Furthermore, this phenomena appears on the list of the most popular games in both the Google Play Store and the App Store, demonstrating that anybody may be engaged by mobile gaming anytime they want by downloading their favorite games to their smartphones.

Furthermore, casual gaming is predicted to attract a growing number of gamers, as well as other mobile users who are often online for long periods of time; this might be the case for casual games. As a result, other gaming businesses are becoming more interested in investing in and exploiting this market segment.

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