25th Anniversary of The PBS Mainstay “Arthur”!

A PBS mainstay for 25 years is Arthur.

The adorable aardvark is still there even though the last brand-new episodes of “Arthur” were broadcast in February.

There will be a podcast, games, and more than 250 episodes of the PBS series showing on PBS Kids to keep him entertained.

In the final season, D.W., his sister, started kindergarten and Arthur advanced to the fourth grade.

Fans wanted to know what happened to the characters, according to Carol Greenwald, the executive producer of the program. It’s very rewarding to read the epilogue after reading a very wonderful novel, she says. We wanted to deliver that to our audiences, therefore we did.

25th Anniversary of The PBS Mainstay "Arthur"!

Everything’s an obvious urge, according to Daniel Brochu, who plays Buster Baxter, Arthur’s best friend: “You want to wrap it up and put a period on the sentence.” As someone who has followed the show from the beginning, “it’s a natural evolution.”

“Arthur,” which was based on a book series by Marc Brown, addressed familial difficulties that other shows didn’t. It included topics like diabetes and cancer, promoting reading and relationships, and made references to other PBS programs while delivering its tale.

Producers listened to both insiders and outsiders while creating fresh situations for the characters, including actors, producers, and writers.

25th Anniversary of The PBS Mainstay "Arthur"!

“I had to hang up the phone with the person from our international distribution because my son got on the wrong bus today and they can’t find him,” he remarked to me. Greenwald reflects. “I have to wait till he finds his son, but then it’s going in Arthur’s story,” I thought as we hung up.

According to Brochu, lines were frequently blurred. He has asthma, enjoys science fiction, and comes from a single-parent family, just like Buster. It has this unsettling balance, sort of.

Francine Frensky’s voice actress, Jodie Resther, claims that the characters frequently incorporate her own peculiarities. If we just kept being real and pushed those boundaries, we would know we were on the right track.

According to Brochu, the marriage of Mr. Ratburn, an elementary school teacher, highlighted the inclusivity and acceptance that “Arthur” has always been about. Although brave, same-sex marriage stayed true to the show’s spirit.

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