365 Days 2: This Day, Does Massimo Have A Twin Brother?

Netflix was eager to greenlight a sequel to the sensual thriller 365 Days after its unexpected success in 2020, and the new film finally premiered in April 2022.

The friendship between Laura and mafia boss Massimo is put to the test by various new arrivals on Day 365 of 365 Days.

Fans have been discussing a particular scene in which Laura catches a man she assumes to be Massimo cheating on her. However, after seeing this, many have wondered if Massimo actually has a secret twin brother.

365 Days 2: This Day, Does Massimo Have A Twin Brother?

On This Day, Laura Sees a Person Who Looks Much Like Massimo.

Near the sequel’s middle, Laura sees a man she thinks is Massimo leaving a glitzy gala with his ex-lover Anna.

She follows them and witnesses them having sexual relations; she is distressed by what she sees.

Laura, hurt by Massimo’s betrayal, sneaks out of the party with the gardener she’s developing feelings for, Nacho, and the two go to Spain to spend time at his father’s house, where their romance deepens.

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Is There a Twin Brother to Massimo in 365 Days 2: Today?

A year from today, on this day, Massimo will meet his twin brother.

365 Days 2: This Day, Does Massimo Have A Twin Brother?

Adriano, the elusive younger sibling, was born just 10 minutes after his more famous sibling, Massimo, but is still looked down upon by the Torricelli.

Because of how coldly Massimo and Laura had always dealt with each other, Laura was convinced that it was Massimo who had slept with Anna.

Adriano resents his brother for the influence, fortune, and success he has attained without him.

That’s why he’s conspiring to overthrow his brother and take over the family’s criminal enterprise—with the help of Massimo’s archenemy, Don Fernando Matos.

For as long as he could remember, Adriano harbored deep-seated resentment toward Massimo for the latter’s success in building a criminal empire, and he had been plotting with Anna to eliminate Massimo and assume control of the business.

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Does Michele Morrone Have a Real-Life Brother?

Not in The Actual World; Michele Morrone Doesn’t Have a Twin Brother.

Instead, Michele Morrone Is the Youngest of Four Siblings with Him Having Three Elder Sisters.

Michele Plays Both Massimo and Adriano in 365 Days: This Day Since He Is an Only Child and Does Not Have a Twin.

Massimo Has Slicked-Back Hair, While Adriano Sports a Shaggy Quiff, so Their Fans Can Easily Tell Them Apart.

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