5 Virtual Activities You Can Do With Remote Employees

Technology has introduced many new methods of communication that allow us to stay connected at all times. Getting in touch with someone is never an issue, despite their location and time difference.

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Although the concept of remote work is not exactly new, it has become very much common in the world of business today. This only makes it challenging to manage team members who are in different locations.

Moreover, it becomes even more challenging to create and maintain corporate culture. Companies that have remote employees need to ensure that communication is always in place with them. Apart from that, it is important to keep them engaged.

Remote employees do not only require a good internet connection, such as DIRECTV stream to stay productive but also need to have constant communication and engagement with the rest of the team and their managers.

Here are some virtual team-building activities you can organize to create a more connected and motivated remote team.

Arrange Regular Video Conferences

It is absolutely necessary to maintain communication with your virtual employees, and this should not only be done through emails and instant messaging but via video calls as well.

In fact, this is the best way to ensure that all team members connect with you on a more personal level. It allows you to share more information with the entire team. Today, there are many advanced video calling tools that even allow you to record all your virtual meetings.

These recordings can be shared with individuals who were unable to be present in real time. Video calls do not always have to be work-related. Instead, they can be taken on an opportunity to bond with your remote employees over casual video chats.

This in return, helps build stronger relationships with your employees.

Online Instant Messaging

Similar to video calling tools, there are many online messaging platforms that work as fantastic tools for your remote employees. These tools can also be used to discuss non-work-related issues.

Communication is highly important when it comes to your remote employees. Why? Because they do not exactly have the luxury of in-person coffee breaks, interactions, or brief discussions before or after a team meeting.

Online messaging platforms such as Slack and Skype, are great tools that might make you feel like you are having an in-person conversation. Moreover, on Slack, you can also create channels of mutual interests and discuss things revolving around that topic, such as #food.

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Virtual Tea Time

As shared earlier, remote employees barely get to experience team gatherings or company lunches, so a virtual coffee break will show them that you don’t only value their work, but consider them an asset to the team as well.

You should schedule a time and day for your team to be online and video call you from their favorite café or so. This allows remote employees to be in a team meeting from outside their homes, which is a breath of fresh air in itself.

Virtual Netflix Nights

This is yet another great way to virtually engage with your remote employees – housing virtual Netflix movie nights.

You can vote on a couple of movies and then host an online movie night for the movie that gets the most votes. In fact, to take a step further, you can also create a Slack #movienight channel and discuss the movie while it is playing.

This is an amazing way to bond with your team where everyone enjoys some entertainment as well. You can even do a movie quiz afterward and the winners can receive prizes. These activities are meant to increase your productivity level and also help build a better bonding with the team.

Host Informative Virtual Video Conferences

Let’s be honest. Remote work can make you feel lonely. That is why we keep emphasizing that you connect with your remote employees on a personal level.

For instance, you could host informative video calls every once in a while, in which employees can share their experiences and knowledge on a specific topic chosen for the call.

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From leadership qualities to marketing skills, there are many new things your remote employees can learn.

This will encourage your remote employees to build confidence when sharing their knowledge. You might even be able to apply them to your everyday work life.

Final Thoughts

Adding entertainment and a change in the work routine of a remote employee’s working day will inspire them to be more efficient and productive in the long run. In addition, employees will come up with creative ideas and also be willing to share their knowledge.

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Therefore, by doing some of the activities shared above with your team, you can build a better remote working environment and also help keep them engaged and connected to one another.