9 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites(Updated 2022)

9 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites(Updated 2022)

If you love watching any form of sports you can say that it is popular leisure. A lot of people love watching different forms of it worldwide. You can listen to the live commentary on the radio and stream it live on a TV, smartphone, or tablet. 

Nowadays, you will find many online services that provide live streaming of popular sports(Football, Baseball, Cricket, Basketball, etc.) from different parts of the globe. 

I will give you a list of the sites below from where you can enjoy competitions like,

  • Barclays Premier League and more domestic leagues and cups,
  • UEFA Champions League and more European competitions, 
  • Cricket, 
  • Badminton, 
  • Rugby, and more.

Before starting with the list of websites, if you are someone who wants to use apps to stream sports instead of a website, you can use,

  • Live NetTV(Works on Android),
  • 365 Scores(Works on Android)
  • Show Sport TV(Works on Android),
  • Swift Streamz(Works on Android).

Also, if you use an Amazon Firestick, you can see this free apps list for your streaming device to watch live sports.

 List of free sports streaming websites:

1) Stream 2 Watch

If you want to enjoy a live sports event, you might want to check this website. You can watch live,

  • Baseball,
  • Basketball,
  • Boxing, 
  • Hockey,
  • Soccer, 
  • Wrestling,
  • Rugby.

It is a free website but does show you ads, and that is normal if you are using a free website. You can use Adblocker if you do not want to see ads.

2) EPL Site

EPLSite.football offers you all major football events like LaLiga, Champions League, Premier League, etc. It provides good-quality streams. However, you have to compromise with the pop-ups and ads. This site might be too aggressive with ads. So, you can use any ad blocking software, or you can be patient with the ads. 

3) SportSurge

SportSurge provides you with several links to live sports across the world. You can enjoy games of Football, MMA, Basketball, etc. Here are some of the features,

  •  It is super minimalistic,
  • It is easy to use,
  • A lot safer than other websites.

4) StreamEast

This live streaming sports site is also free of cost and allows you to watch sports games, events, and news. You can stream Soccer, MLB, Cricket, Tennis, etc.

Here are some of the features:

  • Reliable links to watch UEFA Champion League, German Bundesliga, French League 1, etc.
  • Fewer ads as compared to others

5) VIPRow

VIPRow is one of the most reliable apps to stream live sports(not completely free). It has a lot of features like,

  • Comprehensive Coverage,
  • It has a great user interface,
  • You can play multiple streams at once on this website,
  • Free stream(But you have to create a free account),
  • Best stream quality,
  • You can use this website on a laptop, mobile, or desktop,
  • Clean and simple design,
  • Expansive content library,
  • You can also stream TV shows and movies.

6) VIP League

This website is 100% free, and it is one of the best too. Here are some of the features it offers:

  • A clean and organized website,
  • Basic design(easy to navigate),
  • Large thumbnails to categorize sports,
  •  You will find games categorized by time and date,
  •  Live links as well as links for the future games,
  • History and trivial information.

This website also shows you ads, but it is not as bad as others. You can use Adblocker to block any pop-ups.

7) First row sports

One of the best websites to watch live sports, especially if you are in the US. Here are some of the features of this website:

  • A vast library of links to stream,
  • It has Good quality links for Football matches, NFL games, NBA games, etc.

However, this website might be a little aggressive with ads and pop-ups. So, make sure to click on the right tabs or buttons.

8) Pluto TV

Pluto TV is not very popular for its sports content. But, it still offers a good amount of sports coverage. Here are some features,

  • Cable-like experience,
  • Recognizable content and brands,
  • It is free,

It does not provide DVR functionality on live streams. If you watch TV shows, you might not get new episodes of several shows.

9) Footybite

Footybite also offers free sports content with fewer ads. Here are some features that make it more reliable:

  • It is a popular website as ranked by Alexa,
  • Zero to little chance of hacking or scamming,
  • It has a valid SSL certificate.

Final Verdict

You can stream free sports content from websites and apps on different platforms. You might want to use a VPN before accessing these websites to avoid getting in any legal trouble. Also, using Ad Blocker is one of the easiest ways to get rid of annoying pop-ups. You can use any other ad blocker of your choice, but my recommendation is Adblocker. 

If you want to stream live sports only through official websites and apps, you can visit,

  • Disney+,
  • Sony LIV,
  • ESPN,
  • Voot,
  • Viacom 18.

You have to buy their premium subscriptions to watch live sports, TV shows, and movies.

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