’90 Day’: As Kris Departs Colombia, Kris and Jeymi’s Honeymoon Phase Appears to Have Ended Before It Ever Began Post-Wedding

The newlyweds were able to spend some time together before Kris’s disappearance while researching the possibility of starting a food truck with a zombie and weapon theme.

Kris Foster and Jeymi Noguera, stars of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, hardly had any post-wedding pleasure.

Only one month after permanently relocating there, Kris packed her things to return home in the episode that aired on Sunday night. It wouldn’t last forever in Kris’ opinion; in fact, she informed Jeymi it would only last “two weeks” at most.

A journey to America was required, according to Kris, since she was experiencing issues with her bank and wanted to get her narcolepsy prescription refilled. Jeymi was worried, though, especially because Kris hadn’t purchased a return flight to Colombia.

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'90 Day' : Kris and Jeymi's Honeymoon Phase Seems Over Before It Begins When Kris Leaves Colombia Post-Wedding

Not knowing when Kris would truly return, she left her bride at the airport. Jeymi told the cameras, “I understand the circumstances, but I feel really sorry.

Later, when they were driving, she informed Kris that she had to go back. You’re not coming back, I’ll sell your belongings and all of your clothing, Jeymi stated.
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Jeymi did not laugh, but Kris did. “To me, it’s not humorous.”

Without Kris and with little assurance about her future with her new bride, Jeymi sobbed her way back home. The significant upheaval that was hinted at in the preview for the next week was Kris remaining in America and Jeymi sobbing over the fact that Kris hadn’t FaceTimed her in a month.

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'90 Day' : Kris and Jeymi's Honeymoon Phase Seems Over Before It Begins When Kris Leaves Colombia Post-Wedding

Although conducting some due diligence into launching a business earlier in the show while Kris was still in Colombia, the couple had happier moments and, strangely, were looking forward to a future together.

Kris and Jeymi visited a few other food trucks before falling in love with a converted school bus that has a kitchen and eating space inside. Kris was completely enamored with the concept, which had a zombie coming out of the top of the bus and a ton of “weapons” inside.

The pair decided to give it some more thought because the post-apocalyptic bus cost a stunning ,000 as opposed to the other ,000 possibilities.
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They should consider what sort of cuisine to sell before committing to the purchase of a food truck, Kris also made a good point.