90 Day Fiancé: Nicole Finds Return to Life with Mahmoud and His Mom Super Overwhelming

Nicole’s first night back in Egypt was spent at a family party, which is now a regular occurrence at her new residence.
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Nicole from 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way is undoubtedly unhappy about traveling with Mahmoud to Egypt once more.

Nicole arrived at her new home, his mother’s house, after a fight at the airport. She was dragged into a family gathering before they had a chance to discuss their disagreement. Evidently, it happens frequently.

The episode from Sunday night featured Nicole telling Mahmoud, “There are times when it sounds like there are 700 people in your apartment. She thought about moving in with Mahmoud and his outgoing mother in addition to him.

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90 Day' : Nicole Finds Return to Life with Mahmoud and His Mom 'Super Overwhelming'

Nicole said to the cameras of the extended family, who drop by every day with at least six kids, “They’re all so kind and loving and wonderful, but I just need a little more space where I can be myself.”

Later, as a family party’s chaos rumbled in the adjacent room, Nicole continued, “For me, who is very introverted and used to living alone and in a quiet environment, having really loud music playing all the time can be extremely overwhelming after a long day. The adults and children are both talking, and they are all just talking “She spoke.

Nicole and Mahmoud were anything but affectionate as they retired to their respective bedrooms. Mahmoud was reminded by Nicole that she is an introvert and that his family’s constant presence is already wearing on her.

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90 Day' : Nicole Finds Return to Life with Mahmoud and His Mom 'Super Overwhelming'

She told Mahmoud, “I’m glad we’re trying to make this work and everything, but you know that Egypt is really overwhelming for me.

I know it’s too much for you, but I need you to handle that more, he retorted.

Mahmoud said, “You just need [to] live here,” later adding, “for a while, see what life [is really] like here,” when Nicole suggested they look for their own apartment.

Right after they were married, the couple did once live in their own apartment. Nicole stayed in Egypt for “one or two months,” according to Mahmoud, before deciding to return to the United States.
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