A Busia Man Who Claims to Be Vera Sidika’s Son Wants to Attend Baby Asia’s Tooth Party!

Baby Asia’s Tooth Party Invited by Busia Man Claiming to Be His Mother’s Son

When socialite Vera Sidika intimated recently that she was planning a first-tooth party for her daughter Asia Brown, a man claiming to be the socialite’s son appeared.

According to the man known only as “Handsome boy” on his social media posts, Vera had left him with his grandmother in Kakamega, Kenya, but that she had been sending him money ever since.

There were some reports that Vera was pregnant, but she quickly refuted them in a series of Instagram posts.

He claims to be my son, a 40-year-old man. That is to say, he was born long before I was. Why then do you think I am asking this question?


As Vera’s son, I am not ashamed to say so. ‘” Vera Sidika, your son, is here with me.

As far as I know, my mother is throwing a birthday bash for my younger sister Asia. To which he said, “I am wondering why she can’t do the same for me, or even just invite me to meet my sister.
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When you plan a party for your daughter’s first tooth, you’ll find that your son has already lost one of his 32 teeth. I’ve never had a party hosted by you.
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All I’m asking is that you give me permission to visit my sister.

Otile Brown, according to the man, is the father of the woman he last saw in Kakamega before she left him.

His claim that Vera simply needs a minute of his time to explain what he’s searching for was met with silence.

When asked about attending Asia’s first tooth party by KE Central, Handsomeboy said yes and asked Vera to invite him.

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