A Guide for macOS Big Sur Users: How Can They Recover Photos with Ease

Losing data is a common thing that can occur due to various reasons, such as accidental deletion, software updates, or some virus. In today’s tech world, most of our essential data, in the form of photos or so on, is stored in our computers. Especially if we talk of MacBooks, recovering photos is incredibly hard to perform. So, what to do?

With the advancement of technology, numerous recovery tools such as Wondershare Recoverit can facilitate you in that term. In this article, we’ll talk about valuable features of Recoverit that can help you in photo recovery on macOS Big Sur. Let’s get started.

Part 1: Potential Reasons for Photos Getting Lost on macOS Big Sur

To recover permanently deleted photos or lost data can be annoying for anyone. This is why to avoid data loss; you need to be aware of the potential reasons that trigger it in the first place. Let’s look ahead to it.

1. Damaged Hard Drive

One of the things that come to your mind when you’re facing a data loss issue is the damaged hard drive. If your Mac hard drive has recently been damaged, it’ll permanently erase your Mac data or make it inaccessible.

To ensure your Mac hard drive remains in excellent condition, avoid any physical damage such as water damage, heat-up issues, and so on. Remember, the hard drive is the most sensitive and essential part of your computer, so ensure its safety at any cost. This is a keen reminder!

2. Improper Formatting

Often while formatting data such as photos or other files, you select the wrong format, which isn’t supported by your computer. While formatting external drives for the process of backup, ensure you’re using a macOS extended drive format, or else you won’t be able to access the data. Wrong formatting is common, especially if you’re not performing a formatting process properly. Always ensure that you’ve selected the correct format as per requirement. This is quite helpful.

3. Human Errors

This reason is one of the most obvious because human errors can occur at any time. Human mistakes such as accidental deletion of essential data or liquid damage to your laptop can make the data inaccessible to you.

Undoubtedly, these errors are not intentionally made, but they can permanently erase your data on your MacBook. A few years back, data recovery used to seem like an impossible task, but with efficient tools such as Recoverit, you can recover even permanently deleted data in a few steps. We will look into it afterward.

4. Improper Ejection of Drive

Improper ejecting an external drive from the USB port can be another reason for data loss. Often in a hurry, we remove the external drive from the computer before unmounting it. Improper ejection of external drives from the USB port can erase your essential data severely. To avoid this panicking scenario, follow proper ejection by using the “Safely Remove Hardware” feature before ejecting the external drive from your Mac. You need to make sure of it.

Part 2: Wondershare Recoverit – The Supported macOS Big Sur Photo Recovery Tool

Wondershare Recoverit offers terrific features to quickly recover your lost photos or other data without compromising on the original content. With its attention-grabbing design and easy-to-get interface, anyone can navigate it to retrieve their lost data in a matter of time. Recoverit offered a smooth photo recovery process for the macOS Big Sur, so now say bye to the long, complicated process of recovering photos. It’s quite interesting!

Trusted by thousands of its users, this exciting recovery tool offers a solid 95% recovery rate for your lost data. It provides to retrieve your lost data from over 2000+ different storage media so you can recover your photos quickly regardless of the device. Fantastic, right?

Not only does Recoverit facilitates its macOS Big Sur users in photo recovery, but it also offers an incredible “Preview” feature. This feature lets you examine the recovered photos before retrieving them on your Mac. Let’s look ahead to how you can process it properly.

Step 1: Launch Wondershare Recoverit on macOS Big Sur

First, download and then launch Wondershare Recoverit on your Mac. Now from the Recoverit main interface, click on “Hard Drives and Locations” from the left sidebar to choose the location or storage file from where you lost your photos. You can select the location on the “Quick Access” section as well.

Step 2: Scanning the MacBook Location

Once selected successfully, Recoverit will scan the location to further the photo recovery process. On the interface, you’ll see the live scanning process to ensure the recovery process is working.

Step 3: Preview and Retrieve the Lost Photos

After the scanning process is complete, Recoverit will let you preview the recovered photos so you can make sure the recovery has been a success. After previewing, select the images you want to retrieve on your Mac. To retrieve, click on “Recover” under the photo file(s).

Bonus Tip: A Guide to Repair Photos Across macOS Big Sur with Wondershare Repairit

Now that you know how you can recover your lost photos, Wondershare also offers another excellent tool that enables its macOS Big Sur users to repair damaged or corrupted photos. Wondershare Repairit is a well-known repair tool by which you can repair damaged pictures on the go. Pixelated photos, inaccessible photos, or grey areas, Repairit deals with various photo corruption scenarios without decaying the quality. With its smooth processor, you can batch repair multiple files. This helps a lot!

Repairit offers two modes of repair; the first one is Standard, which lets you repair basic corrupted photos. In comparison, the Advanced Mode enables you to repair severely damaged photos. Repairit is compatible with all the popularly used photo formats such as JPEG, PNG, JPG, CRW, PNG, TIF, and many more for the ease of its users. Further, it offers valuable features such as “Preview,” which lets you preview the repaired photos to confirm the repair has been successful. So, now repair your corrupted photos efficiently with the Wondershare Repairit.


You can efficiently perform photo recovery on your macOS Big Sur with the Wondershare Recoverit in a few steps. Various factors can be behind a data loss, but still, not to worry, as with the user-friendly interface of this tool, you can retrieve your photos without any changes in original content.

Not only does Wondershare offers to recover your lost pictures, but it can repair them as well with another exciting tool, Repairit. With the features such as batch repairing and advanced mode, it fixes your damaged photos in a go. This clearly helps a lot!