A Missouri Radio Host Goes on An Unhinged Rant Against a Stunned Co-Host!

A radio presenter in Missouri went on an insane and misogynistic rant about his co-host, in which he branded her a bad mother and claimed he pity her children.

St. Louis’ Fox 2 news anchor Vic Faust apparently went on an expletive-filled rant over Crystal Cooper’s looks and intelligence, and the St.
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Louis Post-Dispatch was able to secure an audio recording of the incident.
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It was reported on September 13 that the remarks were uttered during a commercial break at hard rock station KFNS.

I can’t believe you’re letting your kids be raised by such a horrible person. Those people are unfortunate,” Faust stated.

Cooper could only say “wow, wow” in response to the shocking news.

The St. Louis newspaper stated that an angry Faust told Cooper, “you’re nothing” and “you’re trash,” and also called her overweight, stupid, and disgusting.

He called her an “expletive” parent who doesn’t understand the conversations they’re having.

To put it bluntly, you’re an idiot.

During the radio show, Crystal Cooper’s co-host Vic Faust referred to her as “trash” and “fat.”


The tabloid claims that Cooper’s nasty comments about Faust arise from him making fun of Faust’s computer woes during their on-air appearance together.

Faust had privately advised Cooper not to come back to the show during an airing.

He threatened, “If you come back, I’ll be in your expletive every day.

Throughout the conflict, Cooper defended herself by ordering Faust to “grow up.”

Faust told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that he did, in fact, make those comments off-air. In addition, he implied that there was “background” to the incident but provided no details.

On Friday, the publication claimed to have received an anonymous tip with a damaging audio clip.

A Missouri Radio Host Goes on An Unhinged Rant Against a Stunned Co-Host!

Cooper reportedly quit the show on the same day she was subjected to continuous slurs, as reported by the Post-Dispatch.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported on Tuesday that Faust’s radio duties have been put on hold, but the station’s television executives have remained silent.

The publication said he had worked for the channel for seven years but had not appeared on air on Monday or Tuesday.