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A Mother Has 4 Sons – The Answer Is Explained – People Have Different Views on This!

A Mother Has 4 Sons - The Answer Is Explained - People Have Different Views on This!
Let’s look at the solution to the riddle “A mother has 4 boys,” which has generated a lot of discussion on various social media platforms.
Many people have developed new habits and spent more time indoors over the past year in an effort to stay busy during the outbreak.
When stringent limitations and lockdown regulations were implemented in many nations, riddles and puzzles became very popular.
Given how many people are searching for the solution to one specific riddle on social media, it appears that riddles are still very much in style.

Riddle: ‘A Mother Has 4 Sons’

The riddle ponders the following:
The mother of someone has four sons. East, North, and South. What is the name of the fourth son?
There is a very good possibility that you came upon this puzzle on Facebook as a result of someone tagging you or asking the question.
In the unlikely event that you, like many of us, were stumped by this puzzle, here is the solution presented.
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Answer “A Mother Has 4 Sons.”

The response is “What
The second sentence in this riddle is not a question, which is where it gets tricky. Because there isn’t a question mark, it doesn’t ask, “What is the name of the fourth son?”
The fact that the sentence is a statement and establishes that the fourth son’s name is “What” is established.
Unsurprisingly, this specific riddle has sparked heated discussions among many people. Since the other children are named “North, South, and East,” some of them believed the fourth child’s name is “Someone,” while others claimed it is “West.”

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