A New Video from Lil Yachty Shows Him Taking a Walk in “Poland”

In his most recent track, “Poland,” Lil Yachty explores a variety of musical styles. Despite being only 90 seconds long, the song’s electronic synth-heavy pace and his distinctive falsetto vocals make for a psychedelic listening experience.

Yachty boasts, “I took the work to Poland,” in the song’s chorus. There are many witty one-liners in the stanza, such as “I been fiendin’ / like I’m Kenan / Ride about with a Kel-Tec.”

Lil Yachty and his friends are seen strolling across Poland in the music video for “Wock,” despite the fact that the words “walk” and “wock” appear to be used interchangeably throughout the song.

A New Video from Lil Yachty Shows Him Taking a Walk in "Poland"

Last summer, Yachty introduced a selection of frozen pizzas to Walmart. During a People interview timed to coincide with the release, Yachty teased a more “alternative” tone for his forthcoming album.

It was because he didn’t want to “take people’s energy off of what I’m about to deliver” by releasing a few rap tracks first. I’d like the next thing they hear from me to be of the same high quality but in a somewhat different vein.

I’m confident that its value will be recognized and appreciated by all.