A Three’s Company Reunion Inspired Kate Berlant and John Early’s Comedy!

Comedians Kate Berlant and John Early frequently work together. They first connected in 2012 when a friend of theirs booked them to appear on the same programme. Since then, they have been inseparable.
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Kate has performed in films like Sorry to Bother You and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood as an actor. John has made appearances on The After Party, Search Party, and 30 Rock.
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Their kind of humour is peculiar and a little off-kilter. On stage, they alternate between passionate platonic love and simmering hate that is only partially covered by sly compliments and probing questioning. When they perform skits, it’s just as insane but typically strange and slightly unsettling.

Both of those techniques are combined in their most recent endeavour, a hilarious special.

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This week, Would It Kill You To Laugh makes its Peacock debut.

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Kate Berlant On Her Friendship With John Early

The actors, Kate Berlant and John Early, portray fictitious versions of themselves. Their characters were in the popular sitcom “He’s Gay, She’s Half-Jewish” decades ago. They had a very public falling out soon after the performance ended.

It becomes evident that, y’know… it’s been a while, but those old wounds haven’t completely healed when Kate and John reconvene for an interview with journalist Meredith Vieira in Would It Kill You To Laugh in between the sketches.

Jesse has a conversation with Kate and John about how they got together, how their relationship has changed over time, and why they enjoy portraying evil characters.

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