Abigail Breslin Focuses on Past Oppressive Relationship: ‘I Was Beaten Consistently’!

By speaking up, Abigail Breslin aims to make those who are dealing with domestic violence feel less isolated.

The 26-year-old actress revealed the details of a former violent relationship in an Instagram post shared on Friday.

The actress captioned a series of text postings on her experience with domestic violence using the hashtag #domesticviolenceawarenessmonth to raise awareness.

“I was in a pretty abusive relationship for about two years,” Breslin revealed. “Initially, everything was wonderful; I was deeply in love.
My abuser took advantage of my naiveté and innocence, and the connection quickly turned violent.

I was beaten frequently, imprisoned in cells, and made to act like nothing was wrong even though I was suffering from severe wounds that most people never even knew about.”


This actress revealed how she felt and how she concealed wounds from her abusers. “Because I still cared for this person in some capacity, I would apply concealer and caked-on foundation to mask any and all bruises,” she claimed.

There was also “a plethora of put-downs, humiliation, and brutal verbal abuse,” Abigail Breslin said, in addition to the physical harm.

“I was certain that I was not deserving of anyone’s affection. I disliked and despised myself for how I looked. I thought I was beneath contempt and shame. Surely there was something fundamentally WRONG with ME, I told myself.”

Breslin expressed gratitude to all who had supported her throughout the ordeal. She described those two years as “the loneliest I have ever felt.
” From Zombieland “I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to the love and care of my loved ones, who helped me escape this terrible place.

To my closest friends and family, whom I shall be eternally grateful, I owe not just their assistance but also their BELIEF.”

Abigail Breslin Focuses on Past Oppressive Relationship: 'I Was Beaten Consistently'!

The actress also discussed her PTSD since the breakup in her Instagram post.

She gushed about her “great, healthy, happy, and amazing relationship” with her fiance in an email. “In retrospect, the first two years following the end of my abusive relationship were the worst for my C-PTSD complex post-traumatic stress disorder, but I still have bad days.

I still have recurring nightmares and specific triggers. Currently, I am in the recovery process.