Action Bronson’s Body Transformation Revealed: After Losing Weight

Over the past year, Bronson’s incredible weight loss continues to earn him accolades. He shared on his Instagram post. However, Bronson flips 360 degrees the day before in this short clip. That is while leaning a few times for the camera to show off his new, slimmer physique.

Bronson announced his current weight of 240 pounds in a celebratory post last week. Of course, that’s 160 pounds lighter than his peak of almost 400 pounds when he started quarantine in March 2020.

Action Bronson spoke to Men’s Health about his transformation after losing more than 125 pounds in six months. Bronson claims to have completely changed his diet and now wakes up at 4 am every morning to work out at the gym.

Action Bronson changed his look significantly. The nearly 400-pound former New York rapper appeared in Men’s Health Magazine to discuss how he’s lost 127 pounds since March.

The 37-year-old rapper explained, “This journey started long ago.” I was born big. I was a big boy. It’s about time that changed.”

Ariyan Arslani, better known as Bronson, started posting videos of herself at the gym this summer. In a video of him working out in July, he wrote the following caption: “80 pounds lighter than 363 and still going strong.”

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What motivated him to undergo such transformation?

He Said To Men’s Health Magazine That He Changed His Diet As A Result Of The Birth Of His Son In 2019

You always want to be present for your family, he retorted. “You know, it takes a bit of introspection and shit to get you upset.” It wouldn’t happen if you didn’t make that decision yourself. To make this adjustment, it must be effective. I’ve lived it.”

Bronson, who released his sixth studio album earlier this year, trained initially as a chef and began his career working at various New York restaurants. He got the nutrition show on Vice called “F—- That’s Delicious” in 2016, which he says hasn’t improved her diet. The show ran for four years and showed him traveling and trying different foods.

He admitted to giving himself a lot, including prediabetes, eczema, asthma, and many other silly things. “Checking Moat Sections.” I would consume anything I make if it came in a big round bowl. Not just a piece, please.”
The rapper now follows a strict diet and exercise regimen that starts with waking up at 4 am. He eats the same breakfast:

  • A protein shake
  • two eggs
  • Three egg whites
  • A slice of sprouted rye bread
  • A lawyer

Then he goes to the gym with Dave Paladino, his trainer.

While everyone is sleeping, “I’ve already done my work, I’ve had big increases, lots of protein,” he said.

According to Bronson, boxing and challenging exercises, “like throwing 50-pound medicine balls,” are part of his 45-minute sessions. Throw it as far as you can down a 50-meter rail and back over the fence.

Bronson said he is more interested in food than before these days, despite his strict new diet, as he is now drawn to the nutritional value of his meals.

He completed by saying, “You use your own body as a quarterback. It all comes down to choices.”

You can watch his transformational journey in the video: