Actors Who Were Way Too Young or Too Old for Their Roles: A Compilation of Casting Blunders……

When our favorite performers are miraculously transformed into their roles on the big screen, age is really only a number. We can’t tell them apart from their playing roles or real life because of makeup, CGI, and the popular “de-aging” technique used in Hollywood.

Actors who take on parts that are outside of their comfort zones and disconnected from their real lives always interest Bright Side. That’s why we included a list of performers who, despite having a wide age gap, have portrayed legendary roles.

Too Old: Leonardo Di Caprio in Catch Me if You Can

Actors who were way too young or too old for their roles

Leo DiCaprio, playing the 18-year-old Frank Abagnale, a young con artist who claimed to be a pilot and a lawyer much above his actual age in the film Catch Me If You Can, nonetheless appeared young and attractive with his baby face.

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Too young: Kirsten Dunst in Interview with the Vampire

When she starred as Claudia in Interview With the Vampire alongside Hollywood heavyweights Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, Kirsten Dunst’s career as a child star was established. The 12-year-old gave a superb performance as a young vampire who wished to inhabit the body of an adult lady.

Too old: Drew Barrymore in Scream

Actors who were way too young or too old for their roles

Casey Becker became a cult favorite after the famous opening sequence of Scream solidified Drew Barrymore in the imaginations of horror enthusiasts. Barrymore, who played the high school student and Ghostface’s initial victim, was already 21 at the time.

Too young: Keira Knightley in Love Actually

Actors who were way too young or too old for their roles

Keira Knightley was just 18 years old when she played the recently wed Juliet to Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Peter in the film Love Actually. Her and co-star Thomas Brodie-Sangster, who portrayed a young schoolboy in the film, only had a 5-year age difference, as keen viewers of the holiday romance have also noted.

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Too young: Sally Field in Forrest Gump

Actors who were way too young or too old for their roles

The Forrest Gump experience for Sally Field was a difficult one. The woman was supposed to play the mother of Tom Hanks’ character at various points throughout his life. Field, 45, portrayed an elderly, ailing woman in a scene when Gump returns home after launching his business while dressed in makeup and prosthetics.

Too old: Ben Platt in Dear Evan Hansen

Actors who were way too young or too old for their roles

The main focus of Dear Evan Hansen is a high school student’s encounter with grief and friendship. It was originally a musical and then transformed into a movie starring Ben Platt. Yet, he was already 27 at the time the film was released.