Advantages vs Disadvantages Of Bitcoin Faucets

To most people, the idea of getting free cryptocurrencies seems rather strange but still acceptable. But when you mention that you have a way to get free Bitcoins, everyone loses their minds.

However, I’m not selling you a scam because it’s 100% possible for you to collect free Bitcoins — all without having to risk your capital. So how does all of that work?

How Do Bitcoin Faucets Work?

So, what are Bitcoin faucets and how do they work? Bitcoin faucets pay out a small amount of BTCs as a reward whenever you complete a pre-required task. These range from answering some questions on a survey to watching video advertisements and playing some games. Once you’ve fulfilled the conditions, the faucet proceeds to transfer the promised tokens into your wallet.

In the early days of cryptocurrency, faucets were used as a form of viral or guerilla marketing to build up hype for BTCs. 

Back then, you could expect to receive half a dozen BTC tokens just by filling in a captcha. While it sounds like an insane amount nowadays, remember that BTC was worth less than a quarter before the great crypto rush.

How to Profit From A Faucet?

Given that BTC prices have risen dramatically in recent years, there has naturally been plenty of interest in faucets. 

But before you get your hopes up, you ought to know that BTC faucets distribute tokens in the form of Satoshis. These are the smallest unit of measurement for BTC. For context, 1 Satoshi is worth approximately 0.00000001 BTC. So, you probably won’t become a crypto millionaire just by collecting coins from a faucet.

You can accumulate a collection of BTCs and then earn interest by staking it. This lets you earn passive income from your tokens and helps you profit from your assets.

To the uninitiated, staking is a method of earning rewards for holding a certain type of cryptocurrency. Think of staking as depositing your funds into a high-interest account, and you’re about there.

Now that we’ve got the basics out of the way let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin faucets. 

Advantages Of Using A Bitcoin Faucet

1. Pays out crypto for free

Crypto faucets pay out tokens for free. You don’t have to fork out a single cent, you need to visit the faucet, complete the tasks, and you’re done. Unlike an investment, the only thing you’re sacrificing is your time. So, the more time you can commit to a crypto faucet, the greater your reward.

2. Can repeatedly collect from the same faucet

There is no limit to how many times you can collect BTCs from a faucet. You are free to collect as many tokens as you want. Besides requiring you to complete a task, some faucets give out Satoshis on a scheduled basis.

For example, you can collect 10 Satoshis every hour as long as you visit the site during the allotted time period.

3. Risk-free way to learn more about cryptocurrencies

The biggest advantage of a Bitcoin faucet is that it provides a risk-free way to collect cryptos. Given how volatile cryptos are, this is a significantly safer way to get into the world of cryptocurrencies. 

There is zero risk to your principal investment and you. So you can use these tokens to experiment with its mechanisms or purchase items.

Disadvantages Of Using A Bitcoin Faucet

1. Pays out a tiny amount of crypto

Although crypto faucets provide you with free tokens, the amount is so tiny that it’s often not worth the effort. And it usually requires a significant time investment to make the venture worthwhile.

2. Tasks can get repetitive quickly

Unless you have a high tolerance for repetitive tasks, there are only so many videos you can watch and captchas you can solve before you crack. The heavily repetitive nature of faucet tasks can get boring quickly, which makes the entire exercise not worthwhile.

3. Some faucets are scams

Given the popularity of cryptocurrencies, scammers and hackers often set up fake faucets to lure in unsuspecting victims. From here, they use a combination of social engineering and phishing tactics to steal sensitive personal information. 

Closing Thoughts

There are both advantages and disadvantages to visiting crypto faucets. The question is how much time you’re willing to invest in these platforms.