After a Devastating Diagnosis, Dana White Is Flaunting His Ripped Body!

After hearing some bad news from a life expectancy expert, UFC president Dana White has decided to prove to that person and the world that he is in excellent health.

Although White’s health problems over the past few years are not life-threatening individually, he has had to learn to live with and adjust to them nonetheless. However, it is easy to imagine the kind of stress that someone in his position goes through on a daily basis and the toll that takes on a person’s health.

Dana White recently made the surprising decision to take charge of his health. UFC President Dana White said he was encouraged to see a death expert named Gary Brecka by a friend, and White did so after hearing about Brecka on Jake Ellenberger’s podcast, The Action Junkeez.

White claims that by analyzing a person’s DNA and blood, Brecka can predict with an apparent accuracy within a month how long that person has to live. His obsession with knowing his own mortality led him to consult Brecka.

Finding out what month I’ll pass away in becomes a major preoccupation of mine. We’re in Miami for my son’s twenty-first birthday party when I strike up a conversation with a stranger. White said, “They come in and do my blood work and they scrape the insides of your cheeks to do your DNA.

After three and a half hours of him sitting down to go over White’s blood work, “He ends up coming out,” White said. He estimated that I had 10.4 years left to live. That was 16 weeks ago, and he warned me, “If you don’t change these things that you do, this is your life expectancy right now.”

White continued by saying that the ridiculous amount of effort put into creating this test was shocking. Yet the test’s ability to reveal symptoms that Dana White had kept secret sealed the deal for him.

The fact that he did my blood work without me telling him anything about my medical history or what was going on with me personally was the scariest part. He detailed every flaw in my character for me. White exclaimed, “I can’t believe I didn’t even tell my wife.”

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Major Alterations, Major Outcomes

Evidently, Dana White’s current dietary regimen, which includes the Keto diet, was recommended to him by Greg Brecka. He claims that the outcomes have been phenomenal, not only in terms of his weight but also in terms of his general health.

White claimed, “I followed his instructions to a T.” I was able to shed 30 pounds. Back 13 weeks ago, my legs were so messed up that I couldn’t even tie my shoes. My legs were killing me, so I couldn’t even reach my shoes. Some days, I could hardly move… Sleep disorder is no longer an issue. My snoring has subsided. In just 10 weeks, you’ll have absolutely nothing.

But White didn’t merely report the findings. He flaunted them in a Sunday night Instagram post and was met with mostly positive feedback for his public fitness checkup.


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One user exclaimed, “USADA will be knocking on the door tomorrow!!!”

Another user pushed, “Dana vs Tito it’s time.”

“EPO’s true CEO,” another user remarked.

Another user commented, “Looks like his UFC 4 character now.”

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It’s tough to pinpoint exactly what led to Dana White’s impressive outcome without more information about the science behind what Greg Brecka and the rest of the folks at 10X Health System do. Nonetheless, it’s fantastic if you manage to live a healthy lifestyle in some way.