After a “Medical Complication,” Garcelle Beauvais “For Sure” Sent Love to Jamie Foxx’s Family (Exclusive)

They first worked together on The Jamie Foxx Show, and then they reunited for the action film White House Down in 2013. Following the actor’s most recent “medical complication,” Garcelle Beauvais claims she conveyed love to his family.

The 56-year-old Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star revealed to PEOPLE in an exclusive interview at the 6th Annual Best Buddies’ Celebration of Mothers that she contacted Jamie Foxx’s family after his daughter Corinne Foxx posted on Instagram on April 12 that her father had experienced a “medical complication” the day before that he had undergone surgery.

When asked if she could send Jamie, 55, her best wishes, Beauvais responded, “Yeah, for sure.” Before rejoining for the 2013 action film White House Down, the pair first met while co-starring on The Jamie Foxx Show.
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Garcelle Beauvais 'for Sure' Sent Love to Jamie Foxx's Family After 'Medical Complication' (Exclusive)

After Corinne, 29, claimed in a post earlier this week that her father has “been out of the hospital for weeks” as a result of reports about his failing health, the actress also reacted to the news that Jamie is recovering.

She stated at the gathering in Pacific Palisades,  California, on Saturday night, “I’ve spoken to the family, and I don’t want to say much because they’re the ones to say it, but it broke my heart that this horrible rumor [about Jamie’s health] was running around.” “… I knew exactly what I needed to know right away, but I just don’t believe people should act on information like that. It causes harm to a lot of people.

Corinne revealed on Instagram last month that her father had “experienced a medical complication” while he was in Atlanta filming the Netflix movie Back in Action.

Foxx was “on his way to recovery” at that time, Corinne said, “due to quick action and great care.” Along with providing that update, the Foxx family thanked supporters for their prayers.

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Garcelle Beauvais 'for Sure' Sent Love to Jamie Foxx's Family After 'Medical Complication' (Exclusive)

This week, Corinne reposted a story on her Instagram Story in which it was stated that her family was allegedly preparing for “the worst” in terms of her father’s health.

“Family update: It’s sad to watch how the media is out of control. My Dad has been recovering at home for weeks,” she wrote in the description of the photo.

He was actually playing pickleball yesterday, Corinne said.
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