After Being Told She Needs “Grace,” “American Idol” Contestant Nutsa Buzaladze Apologizes to Katy Perry

Buzaladze was criticized by her duet partner for napping during practices in the previous week’s broadcast. After a difficult duets week, one American Idol competitor is clearing the air.

Contestant Nutsa Buzaladze sang “Proud Mary” by Tina Turner on the edition of the singing competition show that aired on Sunday. She also apologized to Katy Perry for the situation from last week.

Last week, during the duet round, Carina DeAngelo, the partner of 25-year-old Buzaladze, called her out in front of the judges, Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie, and Perry, saying: “We had a few difficulties last night… some individuals wanted to sleep instead of working.”

DeAngelo was evidently furious when Buzaladze slept through a practice, leaving them unprepared for the performance, as shown in a behind-the-scenes video from the program.

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'American Idol' Contestant Nutsa Buzaladze Apologizes to Katy Perry After She's Told She Needs 'Grace'

Buzaladze ultimately advanced but her duet partner did not, despite Perry’s advice that she should have “more grace.”

The competitor claimed this week in her introductory interview, “Duet round was the worst emotional experience I’ve ever had in my life.” She declared, “I am not this person. “This is not who I have ever been.”

When she first spoke to the judges on Sunday, she apologized to Perry and said she felt “extremely horrible” about what had transpired.

“I wanted to share my perspective on the situation, but I was immobilized by guilt.

I resisted speaking since I didn’t want to spread bad vibes “She spoke. “I held back because I didn’t want to start crying on stage. I was completely devastated once I exited the stage. I wanted to express my regret for that.”

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The “Firework” singer stood up right away to give her a hug.

“That’s fantastic. What I meant by grace, Nutsa, is that it’s OK to be tenacious, ambitious, edgy, and strong while simultaneously displaying grace “She spoke. I can really identify with you because I understand what it’s like to be a strong woman.

I know what it’s like to want to be strong, never give up, and believe that nothing can ever hurt me, but that’s not true.

She said, “You’re a real person with a great heart and a big skill.

In an Instagram post on Monday, she also addressed the news, expressing her hope that “you will get to know me and my personality better” despite her exhaustion from the lengthy travel.

Buzaladze eventually placed in the top 24 and contacted her mother to share the exciting news, telling her, “It’s the best thing that’s occurred in my life.”