After Feeling ‘Worried Sick’, Nadia Sawalha Urges Women to Get Their Wombs Checked!

After having a hysteroscopic examination performed, Nadia Sawalha strongly recommended that other ladies do the same if they experienced similar symptoms.

The Loose Women host posted two photos of herself in the hospital on Wednesday night (28 September), but told fans that she had been given “the all clear.”

Symptoms like heavy periods, atypical vaginal bleeding, pelvic pain, and infertility can all be investigated with a hysteroscope examination of the uterus.

57-year-old Nadia Sawalha wished she had “dealt with it earlier,” but she did not elaborate on the symptoms she was experiencing.

She stated in the caption, “The only reason I’m posting these photos is to capture your eye and push you if you have been wondering about any symptoms you’ve been experiencing to bite the bullet and get yourself seen!”

She went on to say that putting off action would simply increase stress levels.

I won’t sugarcoat it; I’ve been anxious as well as of late; yet, on Monday I was given the green light.

Wish I hadn’t put myself in this jam by putting off dealing with it.

Make the call right away. Try to attract attention. When you think about it, you’ll see that it’s reasonable.

After Feeling 'Worried Sick', Nadia Sawalha Urges Women to Get Their Wombs Checked!

Many of Sawalha’s fans have chimed in to wish her well and stress the significance of seeing a doctor about any womb-related problems.

The hysteroscopy revealed thickening of the uterine lining, Sawalha said in response to a question about the outcome.

Endometrial hyperplasia is a condition that causes abnormal or excessive menstrual bleeding and can occur at any age, including beyond menopause.