After the Famed Guitarist Passes out During a Concert, Carlos Santana’s Wife Provides an Update!

After the Famed Guitarist Passes out During a Concert, Carlos Santana's Wife Provides an Update!

After the famed guitarist passes out during a concert, Carlos Santana’s wife provides an update.
Earth, Wind & Fire a,nd Santana are on the road together.
After the renowned guitarist collapsed on stage during a Michigan gig on Tuesday night due to heat exhaustion, Carlos Santana’s wife provided an update on her husband.

“Please be assured that he is sleeping soundly and doing great! Dehydration and heat fatigue were his diagnoses. There wasn’t enough water and it was 100 degrees on stage and 114 under the lights, which is what caused the problem “His wife, Cindy Blackman, had posted it first. “He’ll soon be in like-new condition! Once again, thank you; we adore you!”

Santana shared the article on Instagram.

Prior to Santana collapsing, the guitarist’s manager informed that he was “doing fine.” The guitarist was transported from Pine Knob Music Theatre’s event venue to McLaren Clarkston’s emergency room for evaluation.

According to Sources, Santana collapsed 40 minutes into his performance. The musician sat down on a riser and appears to have passed out. Later, Santana said that he had neglected “to eat and drink water” and had collapsed as a result.

Soon after collapsing, Santana is seen getting treated on stage in fan recordings. He was then removed from the stage and could be seen waving to the audience.

According to his manager, his performance scheduled on July 6 at the Pavilion at Star Lake in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania, has been postponed. Earth, Wind & Fire, and Santana are both on tour together.

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