The British Acting Legend Alan Rickman Has Passed Away at The Age of 69

When Alan Rickman passed away, the entire world gasped. His filmography includes everything from Die Hard to Harry Potter, Sense and Sensibility to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, so there is something for every kind of movie fan.

He was a true titan of the entertainment business, a comic actor who was equally adept at using a tragic turn of phrase as he was at playing a serious role. You probably were unaware of the interesting life he led away from the screen, as were the majority of his admirers up until his untimely death at the age of 69.

It turns out that the actor most known for portraying the harshest teacher in the wizarding world was also a philanthropist, a mentor, and a ton of joy to be around. Although Rickman is no longer with us, he left us with a lot to ponder and be inspired by.

Alan Rickman, a Star of The Harry Potter Series, Battled Cancer in Secret While Filming.

alan rickman cause of death


The Snape actor, who at the time was secretly battling aggressive prostate cancer, explained why he decided to continue filming the franchise’s fifth episode despite being ill in a recently published excerpt from one of his 2005 notebooks.

Finally, I say ‘yes’ to HP 5. “There is no up or down feeling. The position that urges “See it through” is the one that prevails. This is your narrative.”

It’s thought that Alan didn’t tell the rest of the group, many of whom he was close to when he was diagnosed with cancer in 2005.

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Other Journal Entries Described the Illness of His Co-Star Michael Gambon.

The actor who played Dumbledore, Michael, had trouble remembering his lines due to memory loss. Alan noted: “He’s weak after his sickness and yesterday’s primer was no joke for him.

“For him, the lines are a significant issue. Technology is useful, so why not? When all that is lost is a memory, there is no opportunity for communication, independence, or rest.

Alan worked on other projects while ill in addition to Harry Potter. Additionally, he began filming for Alice Through the Looking Glass before being replaced by Bill Nighy, who praised Alan for his courage.

We weren’t truly aware of his illness at the time. Everyone lost a lot, of course,” Bill told The Guardian.

Learn more about Alan’s Harry Potter production secrets in his journals, which will be published on October 4.

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Enormous Heart

alan rickman cause of death

Despite the fact that Rickman played other notable characters, Severus Snape—Harry Potter’s own antihero professor—might stand out as the most well-known. Even in his moments of valor, Snape is vengeful, gloomy, and utterly pessimistic.

Although that’s a delicate edge to dance on, Rickman made it seem simple. He played the potions master in eight movies with scorching aplomb. Because of how organic, flawless, and now totally famous Rickman’s portrayal was, you can hear his voice as you read the books.

By all accounts, it was the role that the least closely resembled his true demeanor. People have mentioned the actor’s warmth and generosity of spirit over and time again while speaking of him after his passing. Kate Winslet reflected in a heartfelt ode for Entertainment Weekly, “Al is kind if there is one word that truly captures who he is. He was extremely considerate.

Whenever Al went out to eat and someone else tried to pay, he would somehow have called ahead or slipped his credit card before the meal, preventing anyone from even seeing the check.” There are many stories of kind gestures, thoughtful presents, and recommendations. The legacy Rickman leaves behind is excellent because he was actively generous rather than merely passively kind.

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A Commanding Presence

alan rickman cause of death

Following Rickman’s death, director Kevin Smith revealed some incredibly moving memories of him, calling him “one of my favorite people who ever lived.” Smith also referred to Rickman as “one of my favorite people who ever lived.”

He continued by recounting some particularly amusing incidents that occurred during the production of Dogma, Smith’s absurdist parody of religious dogma in which Rickman portrayed an angel by the name of Metatron. As he recalled, Rickman laughed at the angel’s Ken-doll-like lack of genitalia.

Rickman raised the bar, though, going beyond simply lightening the tone. Smith continued by recollecting how Rickman raised the bar for the entire Dogma cast with his grace and acting prowess, expecting a particular caliber from those around him just by being there.

To avoid upsetting “that Rickman dude,” actor Jason Mewes pushed this to its most dramatic conclusion by memorizing the whole script for the movie. That intimidation is perhaps understandable given that Rickman was portraying God in a formal capacity. And in the end, it probably helped: Dogma is still regarded as a deft and original work of satire, in large part because of Rickman’s impact both in front of and behind the camera.

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English actor Alan Rickman worked in both theater and film. Rickman won praise from audiences all over the world for his performances as Hans Gruber in the action movie Die Hard and Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series.

It’s your tale,” Rickman was told after a slight stroke he suffered in August 2015 that revealed he had pancreatic cancer. He told only his closest confidants that he had terminal cancer. He passed away in London on January 14, 2016, at the age of 69.