Alan Tudyk Reveals Good News for Season 3 of Resident Alien!

SYFY renewed the popular series Resident Alien for a third season back in July, and now star Alan Tudyk is dropping hints about what’s in store for the show’s loyal audience.

Tudyk told Screen Rant that filming for the third season could begin in January, just as the weather in Vancouver, where the show is set, begins to turn frigid.

Tudyk responded, “Yeah, we still have a little time.” January, but it’s on the horizon.
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It rains the hardest and longest in Vancouver as the temperature drops.

But I promise to behave myself. I really enjoy living in Vancouver, and have even become accustomed to the rain, which is something I never believed would happen. And you just stopped noticing, which is fantastic.

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Alan Tudyk Reveals Good News for Season 3 of Resident Alien!

Tudyk plays Harry, an extraterrestrial who crash lands on Earth and pretends to be a small-town human doctor in “Resident Alien,” a film based on the comic book series by Peter Hogan and Stephen Parkhouse.

After arriving on Earth with a covert mission to exterminate all humans, Harry leads a relatively quiet life at first, but things get complicated when he gets involved in solving a local murder and discovers he needs to adapt to his new environment.
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During this time, he starts to question the ethics of his job and wonders things like, “Are humans worth saving?” and “Why do they fold their pizza before eating it?

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Alan Tudyk Reveals Good News for Season 3 of Resident Alien!

When the series was renewed for a second season, NBCUniversal’s President of Scripted Content Lisa Katz commented, “With Resident Alien, everything just came together in perfect harmony.”

There had “a team of producers, cast, and crew who were all aiming to accomplish something exceptional,” “a story by Chris Sheridan that leaped off the page,” and “a lead performance by Alan Tudyk whose finesse between comic and danger was a pitch right.”

The show’s appeal went beyond the sci-fi category, which allowed us to attract a wider audience; as the series progresses, we aim to encourage more and more viewers to learn about Harry’s unique perspective on humanity.