American Professional Wrestler Alexa Bliss Net Worth, WWE Champioship, Injury, Husband & Other Interesting Things!

Alexa Bliss Net Worth

Alexa Bliss Net Worth

  • Full Name – Alexis Kaufman
  • Age – (30 years old in 2022)
  • Hometown – Orlando, Florida
  • Salary – $300,000 per year
  • Net Worth $2.3 Million
  • Profession –  Wrestling, Television Actor
  • Merchandise Endorsements – WWE
  • Charity – Connor’s Cure
  • Marital Status – Married to Ryan Cabrera (2022)

American professional wrestler Alexis Kaufman aka Alexa Bliss is presently contracted to the Raw roster by WWE. She and Nikki Cross have been WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. On September 20, 2013, Alexa made her WWE debut and has since become one of the most popular Diva’s in WWE.

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Alexa Bliss Net Worth 2022

Alexa Bliss On If She's Had Plastic Surgery

Alexa Bliss’ net worth is expected to be in the $2.3 million range by the year 2022, according to Forbes. It’s all a byproduct of her long and successful WWE career.

Women’s WWE Champion Alexa Bliss

Becky Lynch vs. Alexa Bliss – SmackDown Women's Championship Match: photos | WWE

In May 2013, Alexa Bliss signed a WWE contract and was sent to Orlando, Florida to work at the WWE Performance Center and the developmental brand NXT.

Bliss quickly became SmackDown Women’s Champion after making her debut on the SmackDown brand. As a result, she became the first participant to win the championship twice.

While on RAW, Alexa won the Raw Women’s Championship in April of the same year that she debuted on the show. For the first time in WWE history, a woman has won the Raw and SmackDown Women’s championships.

In February 2018, Alexa became the first woman to win an Elimination Chamber match. A few nights later, she won her third Raw Women’s Championship by defeating Nikki Cross in a ladder match at Money in the Bank 2018.

Women’s Tag Team Championship: Bliss and Nikki Cross won in 2019 Bliss became only the second woman to win the Triple Crown. Since joining WWE, Bliss has won six championships in the company. This makes Alexa Bliss one of WWE’s most successful and well-recognized Diva’s.

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Alexa Bliss Injury

Alexa Bliss Is Injured Following WWE Backlash

Despite her impressive accomplishments, Alexa Bliss’ career has been marred by injuries. After returning from several concussions sustained in a house show bout in October 2018, she was forced to miss the rest of the year due to an injury earlier this year.

It’s been widely reported that Alexa Bliss’ injury has been a huge hurdle in her return to in-ring action. Alexa Bliss’ net worth has been impacted by injuries, even if by a little amount.

Husband of Actress Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss Says Ryan Cabrera Is Planning Their Wedding |

Alexa Bliss got married to Ryan Cabrera this year in California.

Her stunning entrance at WWE Backlash in September 2016 left the crowd speechless. In an outfit that was completely out of character for her, she walked into the room.

A two-toned suit with pink and blue accents was on her. Her blonde locks were dipped in pink and worn in pigtails. Who she was playing was quite clear. Not only to comic book lovers or those who had seen Suicide Squad.

Alexa had on a Harley Quinn costume. And she didn’t hesitate to take it. She used the hashtag “homage to #harleyquinn” when she shared a closeup of the photo on Instagram.

Alexa Bliss Movies with

Another television show besides WWE has recently had Alexa as a guest. It ran from 2015 to 2018 that she appeared on the show as herself.

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Alexa Bliss FAQ

Is Alexa Bliss wealthy?
Her estimated net worth is $2.3 million, with her WWE contract bringing in approximately $350,000 annually. There are no doubts about it: Alexa Bliss is a wealthy woman.

Has Alexa Bliss gotten married?
Alexa Bliss, one half of the reigning WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, is married.

Are there two joints in Alexa Bliss’s elbows?
It’s common knowledge that Alexa Bliss has two arms and two legs. In reality, she suffers from hypermobility, a condition that makes it possible for joints to be stretched beyond their typical range in unexpected ways.

Who is Alexa Bliss’s husband?
Bliss married to singer Ryan Cabrera in 2022.

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