Alexa Pena Vega Talks Husband Carlos Pena Vega Was on Her “No List” when They Met!

Before meeting Carlos PenaVega, her future husband who is both an actor and a musician, Alexa PenaVega had vowed never to date either. After Alexa Covel’s divorce from Sean Covel, the Big Time Rush actor, 32, and the 33-year-old Spy Kids alum met at a Los Angeles bible study.

“I felt that I needed to realign my life because I had recently gone through a divorce. I desired a closer connection to my faith, “She revealed this to Fox News during an interview for the memoir she and her husband co-wrote. “I desired to be in contact with God. Attending Bible study would allow me to explore my religion. I didn’t seek out any relationships but the one I already had with my faith.”

Alexa’s focus on her Christianity led to the opening of another door. She didn’t expect her connection with Carlos to be what it was. Instead, she said, “I wanted to build an amazing community around me that can hold me accountable.

“When I arrived at the Bible study, Carlos was there. I merely desired friendship. Nobody in the entertainment business was something I wanted. No singers or actors. He checked every box on my “no” list.”

Nevertheless, a bond developed. In 2014, Alexa and Carlos got married and merged their last names. “The items on my “no” list were all things I had no idea I needed. It was the one who could aid in completing all the holes in my life. That Carlos was.”

Alexa Pena Vega Talks Husband Carlos Pena Vega Was on Her "No List" when They Met!

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What If Love Is the Point? is the title of the memoir. In Living for Jesus in a Self-Consuming World, the couple’s family life in Maui is also covered. With their three children, Rio Ray, 13 months, Kingston James, 3, and Ocean King, 5, Alexa and Carlos reside in Hawaii.

Alexa acknowledged that it was Carlos’ idea to leave Los Angeles at first, but she praised the decision as a gift from God.

“Young families that love God and are maturing in their religion are everywhere in Hawaii. Your children spend the entire day outside. We’re not playing video games or using our phones inside. We’re taking in the scenery, putting our toes in the sand and the mud, and “She spoke.

“Children can be kids. I was raised in Florida on a ranch. Even though we only briefly resided there before relocating to California, I have some of my fondest memories from that time spent there “Alexa, go on. “The brief period of time we spent there had such a profound effect on me. That is what I have always desired for my children.”

She said to PEOPLE in 2020 that when they relocated, “That burden was immediately alleviated. We can really refuel here, and the community’s support has been wonderful.”

The PenaVegas will next be seen co-starring in Hallmark’s Love in the Limelight, which debuts on August 6 and includes six brand-new songs in Spanish penned by Carlos.

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