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This Is the Definitive Guide to All Apple Watch Icon Meanings

This Is the Definitive Guide to All Apple Watch Icon Meanings

This Is the Definitive Guide to All Apple Watch Icon Meanings

The Apple Watch is a powerful and personal device that’s designed to help you stay connected, be more active, and live a healthier day. But with so many different watch faces and complications, it can be hard to remember which icon does what. That’s why we created this definitive guide to show you every single one of them in detail. We hope this helps make your life easier by giving you an easy reference for all the icons on your watch face or complication! 

The Apple Watch has lots of faces, but you’ll undoubtedly notice the red dot on it. It’s more than just an icon; it also serves as a status indicator for various functions, including cellular connection and battery level. You can’t remove or change this symbol, which represents your phone number or email address. While the face with the red dot, However, while the Apple Watch has a variety of icons on its face, there are many more in locations like the Control Center. If you’re as perplexed as I was when I first started wearing the Apple Watch, read on for a thorough explanation of all Apple Watch icon meanings.

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The meanings of the Apple Watch icons (2021)

In this post, we’ve gone over all of the Apple Watch icons that may be found in watchOS 8. The table of content below may be used to discover a list of all the icon names. In the second tab, there’s a link to its corresponding position in the article. You may also click on a name to go to that person’s relevant place in the essay.

Status Icons

Red Dot Icon

The little red dot on the screen of your Apple Watch is a symbol for “unread messages.” Swipe down from the top of the screen to access the Notification Center, which displays them. To get to the Notification Center from inside an app, long press on the top edge of the screen and then swipe down.

Charging Icon

The green flash on an Apple Watch indicates that it is currently charging on its dock.

Low Battery Icon

If you see a red flash symbol on your Watch, it means the battery is running out. To charge the battery, place your watch on the provided charging cradle. If you’re seeing this symbol on your Apple Watch, read our guide on how to increase battery life in the Apple Watch Series 6.

Lock Icon

When your Apple Watch has been secured with a passcode, the lock symbol appears. When you remove your watch from your wrist, the hands return to their original positions and timekeeping resumes. However, if you’ve disabled wrist detection in the Settings app on your iPhone, you may use the Control Center to lock your Apple Watch.

Water Lock Icon

Only Apple Watch Series 2 and above have the Circular App Icon. It appears when the Water Lock mode is selected from the Control Center. In order to avoid accidental touches from coming into contact with water, the Apple Watch is disabled in this mode.

Rotate the Digital Crown until you hear a series of beeps to exit this mode. The Apple Watch’s speakers are also aided by this noise.

Do Not Disturb Icon

The moon icon appears when Do Not Disturb has been enabled. If you see this symbol, calls and alerts will not make a sound or light up the screen. The Apple Watch, on the other hand, will still alert you via your alarms.

Airplane Mode Icon

When Airplane Mode is on, this symbol appears on the Apple Watch. You won’t have access to the watch’s wireless functions, but non-wireless features will still be accessible.

Theater Mode Icon

This icon indicates that Theater Mode is turned on. In this mode, the Apple Watch screen does not light up when you receive alerts, and the Always-on Display is switched off.

I’ve found the mode to be quite useful if you’re sleeping with your watch on your wrist, even though it’s designed to be used in movie theaters to prevent being a nuisance.

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Workout Icon

When you have a workout in progress, this symbol appears. To pause or stop the workout, tap the red “x” symbol.

10. No Cellular Network Icon

If your Apple Watch’s cellular connection has been lost, this icon appears.

11. iPhone Disconnected Icon

If your Apple Watch has been disconnected from the iPhone it is linked to, this icon appears. If your phones are on the same network, you may need to move them closer together, turn off Airplane Mode if it’s enabled, or restart your watch.

12. iPhone Connected Icon

When your iPhone is connected to the Apple Watch, this icon appears in the Control Center.

13. Location Indicator

When an app uses or is using your location on the Watch, the location indicator appears. This indicator appears if you’re using a watch face that requires access to your location for providing data such as weather information.

14. WiFi Icon

When the Apple Watch is connected to a WiFi network, this icon appears.

15. Wireless Activity Icon

When there’s a wireless activity going on, or an active process in progress, the Wireless Activity symbol appears.

16. Mic Icon

On the left side, you’ll notice an orange microphone symbol. It appears when you have a call in progress or are in an active chat session. When your Watch is listening to sound, it logs this information. When you’re conversing with Siri, creating a voice memo, or utilizing the microphone for other purposes like handwash detection and walkie-talkie, the microphone symbol will appear.

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17. LTE Icon

The LTE symbol will appear on a cellular Apple Watch if the signal strength is good.

18. Now Playing Icon

When music is playing on your Apple Watch or iPhone, the Now Playing icon appears. You’ll see this symbol if you’ve installed the Now Playing app. You can use it to open the Now Playing app and control media playback.

19. Call Icon

When you’re on a phone call, the icon appears on your iPhone or Apple Watch. To access the call screen, tap on this symbol.

20. Maps Icon

The Apple Maps app displays a blue dot when it’s being used to give directions on the Apple Watch.

21. Navigation Icon

If a third-party mapping program is providing directions on the watch, the navigation icon appears.

22. Walkie Talkie Icon

When you’ve enabled Walkie Talkie mode on your watch, the walkie talkie symbol appears on the Apple Watch. The icon means that your contacts may use Walkie Talkies to contact you.

Control Center and App Icons

23. Cellular Icon

The cellular network connection on Apple Watches with eSIM capability can be enabled or disabled by this icon.

24. WiFi Icon

To turn on WiFi on the Apple Watch, tap the little person icon.

25. Ping iPhone

This symbol is used to help you find your linked iPhone. Tapping on the microphone makes your iPhone beep loudly so you can find it.

26. Battery Percentage

This icon shows the current battery percentage on your Apple Watch. Furthermore, selecting this symbol allows you to put your watch on Power Reserve mode.

27. Silent Mode

Click this symbol to turn on and off Silent Mode. The icon varies between a standard bell and a crossed-out bell to indicate the Apple Watch’s mode.

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28. Flashlight

On your Apple Watch, turn on the flashlight. There are three flashlight modes on the watch. You may pick your preference by swiping across the screen.

29. AirPlay Icon

Select the type of audio you want to play through your Apple Watch.

30. Sleep Mode Icon

When your bedtime begins, the sleep mode symbol (bed icon) appears in the Control Center and on your Apple Watch face.

Your Apple Watch switches off the Always-on Display and enters Do Not Disturb mode at bedtime. You may use your Apple Watch to monitor your sleep every evening and be awakened with an alarm at the time of your choosing.

31. Schooltime Icon

The Schooltime icon is visible in the Control Center on the Apple Watch. When Schooltime is switched on, the icon turns yellow and the watch’s capabilities are restricted to avoid disruptions during school hours.

The option is geared toward children and may be activated by parents if they set up their child’s Apple Watch with the Family Setup function on their iPhone. It may also be toggled with the Control Center.

32. Personal Focus Mode Icon

When you enable Personal Focus Mode on your Apple Watch or any of your other devices, this icon appears. Within the control center, you’ll see it on your Apple Watch face, as well as in the watchOS 3.0 notification center.

33. Work Focus Mode Icon

When you set the Work focus mode on your Apple Watch or any of your other Apple devices, the Work icon appears in a similar way. Both the Apple Watch’s face and the control center display the icon.

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Get to Know Your Apple Watch Better

That is all of the icons and images you could find in watchOS 8 on your Apple Watch. Some of these symbols are more confusing than they need to be, while others are quite simple. Hopefully, this article has clarified the meaning of various Apple Watch icons and symbols for you. I’ll add any missing icon to the list (in the comments).

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