For the First Time, Kris Jenner Is Trying Edible Weed Gummies

To prove that she is still the coolest parent of this generation, Kris Jenner samples some edible weed gummies on the October 6 episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

While sitting across the table from her daughter Khloe Kardashian, Kim can hardly suppress her laughter, making her seem more approachable than ever.

Khloe has been experiencing pain in her legs and hips, so Kris takes her to a dispensary to try edibles. It’s unclear whether Kris is attempting to justify her drug usage to the audience or if she’s just looking for an excuse to indulge.

If you’ve ever had edible gummies, you can probably relate to Kris’s experience.

Kris Jenner’s Edible Gummies Have Fans Talking

For the First Time, Kris Jenner Is Trying Edible Weed Gummies

In the episode, Kris, Khloe, and Kris’s boyfriend Corey Gamble stop at a high-end dispensary to stock up on edible marijuana and CBD sweets before heading to Palm Springs.

And just so there’s no confusion: this dispensary is unlike anything you’ve ever seen in real life, with products displayed in beautiful lighting and sales personnel on standby like it’s a jewelry store on Rodeo Drive.

Kris says she wants to try something new because her severe leg and hip pain has made it difficult for her to walk.

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She complains, “I sleep in pain, and it appears to get worse, and worse, and worse,” on the show.

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“I’m just hoping this could help.
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Pay attention, this is perfectly legal in the state of California. If you are over the age of 21, you can get marijuana gummies at any store.”

Kris is ecstatic about having to show identification at the entrance and then spends about $800 on edibles for pain treatment and even, ahem, bedroom activities. Sometime later, over dinner, Kris’s edibles begin to take effect, causing her to burst into fits of laughter, at one point hiding behind her napkin while snapping shots of Khloe.

The photographs were apparently never shared on social media. However, this is a side of Kris that we rarely see, either on or off of Keeping Up with the Khole Kardashians. It appears that Kris’s many bodily issues are greatly improved by ingesting the edibles.

‘The Kardashians’ Mentioned Kris’s Possible Hip Replacement Before

All of Us Are Trying Edible Weed Gummies for The First Time Thanks to Kris Jenner!

Even though it’s funny to see Kris high on pot gummies, they may have some ominous implications for his hip. The hip operation is something hinted at in the Season 2 teaser.

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If Kris’s suffering is indeed so severe, such a step may be necessary.

Also, Karen Houghton, Kris’s younger sister, reportedly had hip replacement surgery. In light of this, the idea that Kris is heading in this direction is not completely out of the question.

So far, however, she seems to have found temporary solace in food. Which, let’s be real, isn’t the worst thing in the world from the perspective of the audience.

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