All the Legal and Free Music Downloading Sites, Latest Guide

All the Legal and Free Music Downloading Sites

Music is a universal language that connects people all over the world. It’s also an important part of our lives, and it can be hard to find new songs to listen to. Luckily, there are tons of websites out there with free legal music downloads for you! We’ve compiled a list of 15 websites. 

There are hundreds of different ways to get almost anything from the internet, but not every method is lawful. There’s no difference with music downloads since there are many websites that provide free mp3 songs, yet none of them appear to have the rights or permissions to the songs they’re offering for download. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t want to break the rules or download any illicit songs for personal or professional use, we’ve got you covered with a long list of the 15 reputable and free music download sites.

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What Are the Best Legal Sites to Download Free Music in 2020?

Whether you’re a budding artist, a social media junkie, or a pro looking for a dependable site to get royalty-free music, these sites will meet your demands. We’ve chosen numerous locations, taking into account various requirements, in order for you to discover the platform that can meet your legal objectives.

Yes, we have also considered the preferences of individuals who enjoy specific music, such as hip-hop and country. So, whatever fits your clip’s quality or requirement shouldn’t be a major challenge. It shouldn’t matter what kind of music you want to download for free since there are several excellent platforms to choose from. Let’s have a look at the best legal and completely free music download sites!

  • SoundCloud
  • Jamendo
  • Free Amazon Music Store
  • PureVolume
  • NoiseTrade
  • Google Play Store
  • Free Music Archive
  • Internet Archive
  • SoundClick
  • Last. FM
  • Vimeo
  • YouTube
  • ReverbNation
  • Audiomack
  • Datpiff
  • Frequently Asked Questions


Although it costs nothing to use, You can discover new music on SoundCloud for free. There’s a lot of great stuff on there. It’s an online community where users can share music and even well-known musicians offer their own material. You can play as many songs as you want on SoundCloud, but it also allows you to download music for free in addition to streaming.

You may even save songs to your device and listen to them without having an internet connection. Simply click the download button to get your favorite song onto your gadget and enjoy it whenever you want. It’s worth noting that not all of the songs are available for download.

If the uploader has only enabled downloads for their songs, you’ll see a download button below each song. If you click a song and there is no option to download it, don’t be alarmed.

  • The greatest number of songs ever gathered in one place.
  • A large community of music enthusiasts exists.
  • Option to download music
  • Personalized experience
  • Lacks an intuitive interface
  • The free version is rather limited.


Jamendo is the ideal website for you if you’re looking for a large number of independent songs or cover versions by aspiring vocalists. You may stream or download as many songs as you like from Jamendo without paying a dime.

Jamendo is a popular platform for discovering new talent in the music field. You may also support them by listening/downloading their songs, which might help you discover future musicians. Many top-level singers have posted their work on this royalty-free music site, and you may download any songs you like with just a click.

Jamendo, as of January 2020, has more than 600,000 songs available for download, making it one of the world’s largest music libraries. English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Polish.

  • A large number of independent songs are available.
  • Over 600,000 songs
  • Offers royalty-free music
  • Clean interface
  • Doesn’t offer much customization

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Free Amazon Music Store

Amazon is the most popular internet store, with a vast range of goods available online. Amazon has also started selling digital items such as games and music. You may purchase MP3s from Amazon Music Store, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

The service also offers free tracks for downloading straight from their website or mobile apps, as well as a free membership. Furthermore, it has over 46,000 free songs at the moment of writing this post, making it one of the biggest legal free music collections on the internet.

You won’t be able to access the newest songs, but there are still wonderful tracks available for free. All you have to do is search for your favorite song. Another advantage of Amazon Music Store is that it has categorized its songs into various genres such as Alternative Rock, Blues, Broadway & Vocalists, Children’s Music, Classical, Country, Dance & Electronic. Folk Hard Rock and Metal International New Age Pop R&B Miscellaneous Other

Overall, Amazon Music is one of the most legal places to obtain free music downloads.

  • There’s no end to the amount of music available.
  • Alternative Rock, Blues, Broadway & Vocalists are among the genres represented.
  • Easy to download songs
  • Clutter-free interface
  • User-interface lacks intuitiveness


It’s a place where music enthusiasts come together. Listeners can help the artists by downloading or listening to their songs and upvoting them on SoundCloud, although this site is mainly used for bands. Each artist has their own profile that includes their biography, music, and pictures.

It’s up to the artist whether or not they allow downloads, and if they have, you may download their songs. PureVolume allows you to listen to a wide range of music for free, largely thanks to the fact that most of its artists have downloads enabled.

Some musicians have simply allowed internet streaming, so you can listen to as many of their songs as you want without paying. You can also get free versions and remixes of the most popular songs.

  • A decent music library
  • Provides a wide range of music.
  • Online streaming for songs
  • Not all songs are available for free download.


NoiseTrade has hundreds of thousands of great songs by amazing artists from all around the world that are available for free. NoiseTrade is a social network for music and book enthusiasts. It allows musicians to post their music for free, and fans may download the songs without having to pay a dime.

You may also contribute a few dollars to the performer if you appreciate their work. NoiseTrade bridges the gap between musicians and their fans by allowing them to connect with each other. With a simple account, you may start downloading any song you choose with a single click.

  • A fantastic social networking site for music enthusiasts
  • It’s possible to go through a number of musical genres, including classic, country, and metal.
  • It’s simple to get music with our program.
  • Variety is lacking in the music library.

Google Play Store

The Google Play Store is the best when it comes to providing a wealth of fantastic music for free. That’s not all! Yes, you’ve heard it correctly. Google’s portfolio of mobile apps is not only the most extensive, but it also includes a constantly increasing number of free music that may be used in your enjoy-inducing videos.

So, the next time you want free music, look no further than this one. You’ll discover a huge number of free music to listen to, download, and utilize in your work.

  • The fantastic collection of music is worth a look.
  • There are many different types of music accessible in the library.
  • High-quality
  • Lacks trendy collection

Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive (a.k.a FMA) has a cluttered user interface, but it has a big collection of songs available for download. The Music Library for Artists, or FMA, is not simply another music library in which anybody may upload songs; it’s a community of music lovers, labels, radio stations, and individual artists who create fantastic playlists for everyone.

Instead of going through the trouble of creating an account and signing up for a premium membership, listeners can simply download a song from Spotify’s extensive catalog for free. Unlike live music streams, which limit listeners to a select few songs, Pandora and Spotify provide unlimited access to hundreds of thousands of songs. Free streaming services such as YouTube Music, Google Play Music All Access, iHeartRadio All Access, Tidal HiFi+, MOG Unlimited, Rdio Premium, RaraRadio+, TrillRadio’s Mobile You may also contribute by creating your own playlists using content from other sources that you have the rights to.

All the Legal and Free Music Downloading Sites

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is the most massive archive with almost everything available for free. You can download anything and everything for free on your device, from software to music. Instead of just providing you with free music, Archive provides a wide range of additional audio files, such as audiobooks, podcasts, live music, and so on.

You may find amazing music and songs on the internet, but you’ll have to seek them. The categorization isn’t as simple to locate as one might think, but you can still discover some fantastic music if you strain your eyes. Make your own mixtapes by collecting free live music or the greatest songs from radio stations. In a nutshell, the Internet Archive is a trustworthy resource for free music downloads that is legal.

  • There is a lot of music in the music collection, and it’s both high-resolution and high-quality.
  • MEGAMIX is a large collection of audio recordings
  • Provides live music
  • Mixtapes could be better
  • Categorization needs improvement

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Despite its modest size, SoundClick still offers a fair number of free tracks to satiate your appetite for music. Music that is freely available is generally the work of a specific artist. SoundClick provides a platform for independent artists to sell their music. There are hundreds of well-known creators who sell their songs there, but the majority of them give away their work as well.

If you want, you can acquire the rights to the songs as well. However, if you only wish to download free music from the service, the free song should be adequate. The majority of the incredible music is available for free download.

  • A decent collection of free music
  • The simplest method to get music is to use Limewire or other similar applications.
  • Neat categorization
  • Doesn’t have a huge hip-hop collection to be proud of.

10. Last. FM

Last.FM is a streaming internet radio service that makes you feel like you’re listening to local radio when in fact it’s watching your music on Last. FM. The company also provides free MP3 song downloads for its users. The free MP3 song collection, on the other hand, is not as huge as you would imagine from such a large service; nevertheless, there are some hidden gems here.

You don’t need to create an account on the site to obtain free mp3 songs; simply click the download button and they will be downloaded without requiring you to register.

  • There are a number of free mp3 songs available for download.
  • Tracks are of high-quality
  • Pretty good categorization
  • Many people claim that rock and country music is subpar.

11. Vimeo

We understand that Vimeo is a video streaming site, but you can still get great MP3 songs from it. There is a music store on Vimeo, but you can search for songs with the “Creative Commons” tag in the advanced search to discover free songs and music.

There is a lot of free music available on Spotify, but you will have to create an account with the service before downloading any of them.

  • A fantastic location to look at videos and audio material.
  • Straightforward downloading option
  • The website runs smoothly
  • You don’t have a large music library.

12. YouTube

We all know that YouTube is the most popular video-sharing site on the internet. However, few people are aware that it is also an excellent source of free legal music. Despite the fact that you are not allowed to download all of YouTube’s music because it is unlawful, you can use the ‘Creative Commons’ keyword to find songs and then download them to your device.

Furthermore, you may head to the creator studio – Audio Library to obtain a variety of fantastic music for free. There are no licensing fees and there are no download limits for these songs.

In addition, various artists post mashups and covers of famous songs on YouTube, with the goal of getting money. You can also download these songs, and they will be completely legal.

  • A trustworthy source for free legal music.
  • High-quality music
  • The audio library has a wide selection of music.
  • The music library isn’t enormous, but it’s still a decent one.

13. ReverbNation

ReverbNation is the ideal platform for anybody interested in creating or listening to music. Whether you’re a budding musician or just want to listen to interesting songs written by millions of artists for free, ReverbNation is the place to go. The greatest feature of this website is a wide range of songs produced by artists from all around the world.

You’ll be able to discover and download new music at any time, thanks to the wide range of genres available. As a result, you’ll always have plenty of exciting tunes to explore and enjoy. Currently, the site has over 3.5 million artists from more than 100 countries, showing how popular it is. ReverbNation offers a wide range of musical genres, including folk, pop, comedy, funk, hip hop, folk, and more.

  • Massive catalog of music
  • Over 3.5 million artists from over 100 countries have submitted their work to SoundCloud’s open platform, which anyone can use for free.
  • There are many different kinds of music available to listen to.
  • The collection of hip-hop is not particularly impressive.

14. Audiomack

Finally, Audiomack is your one-stop platform for legal and free music download websites, with everything covered. The website, for example, has one of the broadest libraries of music from many genres. Its collection of hip-hop, rap, and trap, on the other hand, is excellent in terms of quality as well as quantity.

Audiomack has you covered for anything from popular songs by well-known artists such as Kodak Black to the most recent tracks from rising acts. There are many artists who give songs for free download. As a result, obtaining excellent hip-hop or rap for free shouldn’t be a problem. Audiomack, on the other hand, provides a means to listen to mixtapes.

  • The most comprehensive library of hip-hop, rap, and the trap
  • You may playback music on Spotify, which is a streaming music service.
  • Music from both popular and up-and-coming artists is accessible.
  • The newbie’s song may be less than ideal.
  • Not all music is available for download.

15. DatPiff

DatPiff is a website where you may get a lot of wonderful legal music for free if you enjoy rap. It has a flourishing hip-hop community that is committed to producing high-quality music. Mixtapes are the most common type of music on this website, and they’re a great way to add some x-factor to your project.

Some of these works are the original creations of artists, while others feature rappers freestyling over intriguing instruments. Not to mention, certain songs are created with the intention of attracting new followers. You’ll have a vast library of free music to download on your device at all times.

  • A fantastic location for hip-hop fans
  • The name of the company, which is named after its line of shampoos.
  • Excellent mixtapes
  • Website looks outdated

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Top Websites to Get Music for Free

That’s pretty much it! That is how to find the finest sites for downloading free legal music. With so many fun songs to discover and choose from, I’m sure your creativity will be satisfied. If you know of any other great sites for downloading legal free music, please share them with us below. This may be a little more difficult, but still possible. You can use similar fonts and colors for your brand name and its design, as well as the text that will appear in your website’s footer.

All the Legal and Free Music Downloading Sites

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get free music?

It’s very simple to download free music from a website that gives lawful music for free. All you have to do is go to the song you wish to obtain and look for the download button. Use your URL to access the GitHub Pages dashboard. From there, choose Settings from the left-hand menu bar. Select Websites in the drop-down menu next to “GitHub Pages Address (or whatever you set as a site address).

How can I convert a video to an MP3 song file?

There are several internet sites that may convert any movie to MP3 (for example, Simply upload the video, then select the quality from the drop-down menu. Furthermore, there are various desktop applications and mobile apps that assist users in converting video files to mp3.

Where to download music?

There are several reputable sources, such as SoundCloud and Jamendo, that allow you to get music for free.

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Is it possible to get Apple Music for free?

You can try Apple Music for three months free when you join up. You may use the free trial to stream Apple’s popular music streaming service.

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