Alyssa Edwards Plastic Surgery: The Shocking Before and After Photos Revealed!

Alyssa Edwards is the stage name of Justin Dwayne Lee Johnson, an American drag performer, choreographer, and businessman. Before coming to the attention of the world as a contestant on the fifth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Edwards was known for competing in drag pageants, most notably Miss Gay America 2010. She later became a fan favorite both on and off the show.
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Following that, Edwards made an appearance on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars’ second season and starred in her own web series, Alyssa’s Secret. Johnson owns and runs the Beyond Belief Dance Company in Mesquite, Texas, where he also resides. The focus of the RuPaul and World of Wonder-produced Dancing Queen docuseries, which debuted on Netflix on October 5, 2018, is Johnson and his dance studio.

Alyssa Edwards Plastic Surgery

alyssa edwards plastic surgery

It is believed that Alyssa Edwards (@alyssaedwards_1) underwent many plastic surgery surgeries to improve her facial features and give her the ultra-feminine appearance she sought as a drag queen. Fans think she’s had a nose operation, lip fillers, and a facelift to soften her features. They also conjectured that she got Botox injections to make herself seem younger because she had begun to develop wrinkles.

We can’t really tell if Alyssa Edwards appears natural because she always has a thick layer of makeup on from head to toe whenever we see her as a drag queen.
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The result is that her supporters have started comparing her most current images to previous ones and have come to the conclusion that she does not look the same as she did before, that plastic surgery may be to blame for the change in her looks, and that there may be more going on with her than just aging.

Let’s start by discussing her aging. Not at all. She is 43 years old but does not appear as such. Alyssa Edwards doesn’t have wrinkles or crow’s feet around her eyes, nor does she have any other signs of aging. Additionally, despite the fact that she is getting older, her face hasn’t yet sagged and she is still fighting gravity. Others believe that her secret weapon is a facelift and Botox. She does not have a visible frown, suggesting that the anti-wrinkle injection may have relaxed all of those muscles, making her seem as young as ever. Then, is plastic surgery not involved?

Alyssa Edwards also has the snatched appearance that a facelift can only give you. Her skin appears to have been surgically tightened and raised, giving her a younger, softer appearance. She has refuted these allegations, attributing the manner in which her face appeared kidnapped and elevated to a beauty video. She admitted that she used cosmetic tape to make herself appear younger by applying it close to her eye and concealing it under her wig.

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Does Alyssa Edwards really look that way because of a beauty tape and not plastic surgery?

alyssa edwards plastic surgeryWhile beauty tape might give you a snatched appearance, it cannot make creases and lines disappear. Many followers believe that she needed Botox at the very least. She hasn’t, however, made that admission either, instead constantly implying that it is her skincare that gives her the young appearance of being 20. She has said that she takes care of her skin to keep it looking young and healthy. She does a DIY facial first thing in the morning, which may explain why she appears young.

Alyssa Edwards might not have used Botox to make her seem younger. It may be the effective skincare regimen she claims to follow. But compared to previously, her lips and nose seem drastically different. So she needed plastic surgery to change her lips and nose, right? Once more, interested fans. But she also has a reason for this, and it involves cosmetics.

With the contouring of her makeup, her nose may have taken on a somewhat thinner appearance than before, and her lips may now appear larger than they did before. It’s simply skincare, beauty tape, and makeup until Alyssa Edwards admits she underwent plastic surgery.

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alyssa edwards plastic surgery

Johnson goes by the name Alyssa Edwards when performing. Her drag mother Laken Edwards, a former drag queen, and actress Alyssa Milano were both honored when she chose her name.

Edwards is a member of the drag clan “the Haus of Edwards” and the drag mother of competitors Shangela Laquifa Wadley, Laganja Estranja, Gia Gunn, Vivienne Pinay, and Plastique Tiara on RuPaul’s Drag Race. In 2010, Edwards served as one of the judges for the California Entertainer of the Year competition, which Shangela ultimately won.

Edwards made an appearance in the 2008 film Pageant. The 34th Miss Gay America pageant of 2006 was the subject of the movie. Edwards lost her 2010 Miss Gay America title on December 9 because her business dealings conflicted with her responsibilities to the Miss Gay America organization. As the winner of Miss Gay America, Coco Montrese took Edwards’ place as the first alternate. Edwards lost her status as the All-American Goddess in the same year.

Edwards was among the 14 drag queens who would compete in RuPaul’s Drag Race’s fifth season, Logo revealed in November 2012.