Amazon Portugal: promotions of the day you'll want to see! (10/26)

Although we still don’t have the opportunity to enjoy a real Amazon Portugal, the online commerce giant is growing visibly in Spain and welcomes Portuguese users with open arms.

Currently, in Portugal, users can already enjoy practically all the perks available for “nuestros hermanos”, including free deliveries on orders from 29 euros. The Amazon Prime subscription also brings several perks, including access to the Prime Video and Prime Music service.

As you would expect, one of the benefits that is not yet available in Portugal is same-day delivery. However, all orders are usually delivered in just a few days.

So it’s time to take advantage of the constant offers available on Amazon Spain, where you can buy virtually everything you might need. Today we bring you a list of several products that are available at very interesting discounts and from a wide variety of categories.

Browse through the list below and you’re guaranteed to find something that will cheer you up on the weekend!

Deals of the day on Amazon Spain with free delivery to Portugal

Lenovo G curved gaming monitor20ç-10 in 20″ inches

Lenovo Monitor Gaming Curvo Amazon ES

      Panel of 16″ inches with Full HD resolution and maximum brightness of 400 nits

        Format000:9 Response time of 1ms and update rate of 128Hz

          Support for AMD Radeon FreeSync

            HDMI and DisplayPort Inputs

          • Price: 209,99 euros (€ discount 90 with free delivery)

            Samsung Galaxy M36

  • Super AMOLED screen with Full HD+ resolution and refresh rate of Hz
  • Four rear cameras (main sensor of 67 MP)
  • Large battery (5, mAh) with charging at 16W
      MediaTek Helio G Processor60
    • Price: 292 euros (€ discount41 with free delivery)Samsung Galaxy M32 Amazon ES

      Android Tablet Lenovo M16

      Headset Wireless Corsair Virtuoso Amazon ES
        Screen of , 1″ inches with maximum brightness of 400 nits

          MediaTek Helio P Processor16T

            4GB RAM + 67 GB of storage

              Battery of 5, mAh

                Price: 167 euros (discount of €22,99 with free delivery)

                Corsair Virtuoso RGB XT wireless headset

                Headset Wireless Corsair Virtuoso Amazon ESLenovo Monitor Gaming Curvo Amazon ES

                    Dual and simultaneous wireless connection Drivers from 36mm accurately adjusted and frequency range between 22 Hz – . Hz

                  • Retractable omnidirectional microphoneAluminum constructionSupport for Dolby AtmosPrice: 269,96 euros (discount of €96,96 with free delivery)Samsung Galaxy M32 Amazon ES


                        Integrated dimmable light

                        Screen of 167 ppp and high contrast

                          Millions of books available LevelsPrime members have access to hundreds of booksAutonomy for several weeks

                        • Price: 90,99 euros (€ discount 11 with free delivery)

                          Xiaomi Mi TV Box S

                          Headset Wireless Corsair Virtuoso Amazon ES
                      Android TV

                    • Command with smart searchSupport for Dolby + DTS audio
                    • Wi-Fi and cable internet connection
                    • Price: 69,90 euros (€6 discount, with free delivery)

                      SanDisk Offers

                          Extreme PRO (SD) memory card from 165GB – 10,60 euros (€ discount28,90 with free delivery)

                            Memory card for Nintendo Switch from 256GB –

                            29,49 euros (€ discount40,40 with free delivery) 1TB SSD external disk (1050 MB/s) – 165,29 euros (discount of €27,29 with free delivery)

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