Ana De Armas Says She Did Not Feel Exploited by The Nude Scenes in ‘blonde’!

Ana de Armas, who plays a nude character in the film “Blonde,” claims that she was “secure and protected” during filming.

According to, the 34-year-old actress hinted that audiences will find it more uncomfortable than she did when she bared all in her depiction of Marilyn Monroe in Andrew Dominik’s film.

Ana told Entertainment Weekly, “It’s harder for people to witness those scenes than it was for me to make them since I understood what I was doing and felt very protected and safe.”

“Due to the fact that I was in charge, I did not feel exploited. I choose to do that. During filming, I was quite aware of what I was doing. To put it simply, I had faith in my director. In this place, I felt completely secure.

Ana De Armas Says She Did Not Feel Exploited by The Nude Scenes in 'Blonde'!

After that, she said, “Over the course of several talks, we discussed these moments in great detail. There was a palpable air of awe and reverence for the film we were making.

In that regard, I did not feel any anxiety.

Despite the gravity of the material, I experienced no unease during the sequences.”

The actress praised the intimacy coordinators on set, saying that filming the sex scenes was the same as filming any other part of the movie.

‘We had an intimacy coordinator with us all the time, and she was quite helpful,’ she said.

“However, I would not argue that these situations were more challenging than any others. That happened to be a fragment of a much larger narrative.

There was no mistaking the intended target of the shot.”

Ana De Armas Says She Did Not Feel Exploited by The Nude Scenes in 'Blonde'!

It was the proper move because “I understood exactly what was going to be seen, and what was not going to be seen.”

A recent tweet from Ana De Armas revealed her sadness over the prospect of sexually explicit parts from the film being leaked online and misconstrued.

Then she remarked, “I know what will go viral, and it’s vile.

Even contemplating it causes distress. What they do and how they misinterpret things is beyond my control, and the same is true for them.”