Andrew Formica, CEO of Jupiter, How Rich Is He?

Andrew J. Formica, the company’s CEO and the director is in control of everything. Andrew was the Co-CEO of Janus Henderson Group plc till 2018. He was the CEO of Henderson Group plc from 2008 until its merger with Janus Capital in 2017.

A Brief Biography of Andrew Formica

andrew formicas net worth

Andrew was the Co-CEO of Janus Henderson Group plc till 2018 and previously served as the Chief Executive of Henderson Group plc between 2008 and the merger with Janus Capital in 2017.

He joined Henderson in 1998 and served in numerous senior positions before joining the company’s executive committee in 2004. Prior to his appointment as CEO, he was Joint Managing Director of the Listed Assets business (from September 2006) and Head of Equities (from September 2004).

He started his career as an equity manager and analyst at Henderson.

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Andrew was the Vice Chairman of The Investment Association’s board of directors until September 2018 and has been a non-executive director of Hammerson plc since November 2015.

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How Wealthy Is Jupiter Ceo Andrew Formica?

Formica is the CEO of a well-known company with a net worth of approximately $25 million. Andrew Formica’s Despite the fact that this is not an official assessment, his net worth appears to be immense. Jupiter Fund Management Plc pays Andrew GBX1,322,000 in total.

In his roles as CEO and director, he amassed significant wealth. The general public is unaware that he has a second or third source of income in addition to his daily employment.

What Does Andrew Formica Get Paid?

andrew formicas net worth

Jupiter Fund Management Plc pays Andrew Formica a total of GBX1,322,000 in his capacity as Chief Executive Officer and Director. Andrew James Formica BA (Econ), FIA, FIAA, MA (Econ), MBA, the highest-paid executive of Jupiter Fund Management Plc, earns $1,753,000 per year.

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Andrew Formica Seemed to Have Enough Money to Retire and Relax.

The CEO of an investment fund indicated that his decision to resign was motivated by personal considerations.

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The Australian native has spent the majority of his adult life in the United Kingdom and intends to return to Australia to be closer to his parents. Formica told Bloomberg, “I simply want to go relax on the beach and do nothing.” I’m not considering anything else.”

Many people in the “Great Resignation” are leaving their existing positions in pursuit of higher compensation, better benefits, or the ability to work from home more easily. Formica, on the other hand, appears to be planning a complete exit from the frantic investment sector rather than seeking another post.

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What Was His Reason for Resigning?

andrew formicas net worth

Andrew Formica, the CEO of Jupiter Funds, is stepping down, the company announced on Tuesday. Formica has been with Jupiter for slightly more than three years. Formica was a Jupiter member as of March 2019.

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He or she is expected to be replaced by Matthew Beesley, the current head of investments. When Jupiter lost money and its stock price fell, he described it as “an exceptionally horrible time for the corporation and markets.”

In Tuesday afternoon trading, Jupiter shares slid 1.1% to 155.6p. They have lost almost 40% of their value in the last year.

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Jon Little, a former Jupiter executive, has spoken out against the usage of Formica. In a letter to Formica’s chairperson, Nichola Pease, this month, Little labeled his appointment as CEO a “mistake.”

“Jupiter has gone off the rails and needs a new leader and a new strategy,” he said. Jupiter experienced a net outflow of £1.6 billion in the first quarter of this year, and its total assets under management fell by £5.

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2 billion to $55.3 billion. Jupiter’s core industries, British and European firms, are no longer appealing to investors.

Formica remarked on working with Jupiter during a difficult time, “I’m delighted to have worked with such a terrific and loyal group.” Despite these challenges, we continued to generate great investment performance and focused on high-conviction active management for our consumers.”