Andrew Garfield’s Method Acting Is Poked Fun at By Drew Barrymore!

The Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore says she can go “years” without having sexual relations with someone. In 2016, for his portrayal as a Jesuit priest in the film “Silence,” Andrew Garfield abstained from intimate contact and eating for six months.

“Ok, I understand it, I was a sex-free twentie for a long time. When six months passed, I wondered why it didn’t feel like a long time.

Like, “Yeah so?” “reports that this week on “The Drew Barrymore Show,” the host made a witty remark.

Ross Matthews, her co-star, made a joke, “That’s right, that’s where we sank the lea. It’s true what the headline says: “Drew can go for six months and it won’t be a huge deal.””

Andrew Garfield's Method Acting Is Poked Fun at By Drew Barrymore!

Oh, years,” was her reply.

Drew has also used method acting before, most notably when she played Edie Beale in “Gray Gardens,” a role for which she won a Golden Globe.

According to her, “you do want to shift and really commit,” which is something she can relate to because “there are tons of actors who have, Christian Bale, Jared Leto, Matthew McConaughey.”

“There are times when I’ve played a genuine person, and that’s how I felt while I was filming “Gray Gardens,” a movie about a much-loved actual person. Ms. Edie Bealea As a result of my anxiety, I didn’t socialize much with the other cast members or crew members on set, preferring to remain in character.”

Andrew Garfield's Method Acting Is Poked Fun at By Drew Barrymore!

Andrew Garfield’s, who played a priest in the 17th century in “Silence,” recently spoke about his preparation for the role, calling it a “very spiritual experience.”

During the conversation, he remarked, “Every day, I engaged in a number of religious and spiritual rituals. I developed some brand-new self-care routines.

Due to the fact that Adam (Driver) and I needed to shed a lot of pounds, I abstained from sexual activity for six months and fasted frequently during that time.

“The spiritual activities we engaged in as those characters included praying, meditating, and setting intentions. Man, that was some sweet stuff. As a result of being without sex and nourishment for so long, I experienced some very out-there, psychedelic experiences.