Is Andrew Tate’s Lung Cancer Incurable Now? Is He in Fatal Condition in Jail?

According to his manager, who goes by the name of Jules, Andrew Tate has lung cancer.

An apparently Tate-authored CT scan from the previous day revealed that the kickboxer-turned-influencer has lung cancer. Fans did not trust the reports, though, because his team had not provided any formal proof.

The report is accurate, “Cobra” Tate’s management has now said on his Instagram stories. He wrote in a post about his story:

“Well, many people have questioned the veracity of Tate’s lung cancer narrative. Yeah, I did accompany him in the car as we traveled to and from the hospitals in Dubai. I can’t provide any further details at this time. This tweet offers further details.”

andrew tate illness

The CT report, which was released on Twitter by investigative journalist Sulaiman Ahmed, was the tweet that was linked to his story. On Twitter, Ahmed also shared more details concerning the report:

“Andrew Tate: Potential Cancer Update. The CT study raises serious concerns. Lung cancer may exist in Andrew Tate. A six-month delay in getting the necessary biopsy might be lethal. According to other sources, he dropped 10 kg, which is also an indication of cancer. Cancer may now be incurable.”

If the claims are accurate, Tate would be in a deadly state given that he is incarcerated and not receiving any medical care. The Tate brothers are being detained in Romania as they wait to face allegations of human trafficking.

Andrew Tate Is Supported by A Cancer Survivor Who Appreciates Him.

andrew tate illness

After the global spread of allegations that the former kickboxer had been diagnosed with lung cancer, a courageous cancer survivor spoke out in Andrew Tate’s defense. An unidentified admirer posted a video of himself discussing how Tate had a crucial role in his cancer survival. He continued by wishing the former kickboxer, who is presently incarcerated, all the best:

“I’ve been battling a brain tumor for the past seven months, but Andrew Tate gave me the motivation I needed to start exercising, taking care of my health, and other things. And I have a lot of faith that he will emerge from prison stronger than before.”

The supporter continued by saying that Tate had motivated him to persevere and fight, and he expressed his hope that Tate would conquer his lung cancer and emerge from jail stronger than before.

Check out the video here: