Angela Lansbury Controversy: She Apologized for Her Divisive Remarks About Sexual Harassment

American-Irish actress and singer Dame Angela Brigid Lansbury DBE (16 October 1925–11 October 2022). Her career spanned the silver screen, the stage, and the small screen.

Eight decades of her life were dedicated to a career that was mostly based in the United States and for which she was widely recognized internationally.

When she passed away, she was one of Hollywood’s last remaining Golden Age stars.

Not only has she been nominated for three Academy Awards, eighteen Primetime Emmy Awards, and a Grammy Award, but she has also won six Tony Awards including the Lifetime Achievement Award, six Golden Globe Awards, and the Academy Honorary Award.

Early Life

Angela Lansbury Controversy

The birth of Angela Brigid Lansbury took place on October 16, 1925, in Regent’s Park, London, England. Angela grew up in the upper middle class, where her father had a wood veneering business and eventually entered politics.
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Her mother, Irish actress Moyna MacGill, had roles in films and on London’s West End stage.

When Lansbury was nine years old, her father died of stomach cancer. As a form of “escape,” she turned to act, where she could assume a number of personas and therefore deal with her feelings.

Lansbury said in the twenty-first century that she was still profoundly affected by the loss of her father.

Angela also picked up the piano and developed a passion for films around this time. After that, she went to an acting school in West London and started making her stage debut. Angela’s mom decided to get the kids out of London before the bombing started during WWII.

The family eventually settled in New York City after making a stop in Montreal, Canada. Lansbury attended the Feagin School of Drama and Radio in New York to further her training as an actress.

She started performing in theatre again. In 1942, Lansbury completed her training at the Actors Studio.

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Angela Lansbury Controversy

Angela Lansbury Controversy

Legendary actress Angela Lansbury has issued an apology for some controversial comments she made about a woman’s involvement with sexual harassment.

The actress issued a statement late Wednesday night in which she reversed her previous, widely criticized stance, which held that sexually harassed or raped women are equally to blame for whatever occurs.

In her statement of regret, she was quoted by The Hollywood Reporter as saying, “There is no excuse whatsoever for guys to harass women in an aggressively sexual manner.” “To have anyone believe that I am capable of anything but this is devastating to me.

Anyone familiar with the caliber of my work or the many public declarations I’ve made through the years must know that I am an outspoken advocate for women’s equality.”

Lansbury also took aim at the media, claiming that the subsequent backlash was driven by a bias toward stoking ageism for online attention.

I’d want to add that it bothers me that some have tried to blame my age, my generation, or my outlook on life without reading the whole context of what I stated.

Angela Lansbury Controversy

Earlier this week, Lansbury caused controversy when she told the popular British daily RadioTimes that she thinks women should look in the mirror to determine if they are contributing to the problem of sexual harassment.

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“It’s important to look at both sides of the coin. Men and women alike must face the undeniable fact that women have always gone to great lengths to ensure their attractiveness. And here is where we are now; unfortunately, it backfired “As Lansbury put it.

“Women, there are moments when you have to take the fall. That’s how I feel, honestly. Even though it’s horrible to admit it, we can’t make ourselves look as appealing as possible without getting pushed down and raped.”

People were naturally unamused by Lansbury’s reasoning, especially in light of the recent slew of high-profile men who have fallen after being accused of sexual harassment or assault.

Early Career

Angela Lansbury Controversy

At the age of 16, Lansbury began earning $60 per week singing in nightclubs, which led to her first acting job with the help of her mother.

When her mother moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting, she did the same.
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Angela found work in a department shop and eventually ended up providing for her whole family on her $28 weekly salary.

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Personal Life and Death

Angela Lansbury Controversy

During a 1971 interview on The Dick Cavett Show, Lansbury revealed that she had a Cockney English accent before moving to the United States but had since “lost” it.

She was a legal citizen of Ireland. Her biographer, Martin Gottfried, described her as “Meticulous. Cautious. Self-editing. Deliberate.

She was “as worried, as sensitive, and as empathetic as anyone might wish in a friend,” which is “what the British term reserved.” “. Her “deep sense of solitude,” he said, was accompanied by a strong aversion to any attempts at flattery.