Angela Lansbury Fans Are Going Through Old VHS Tapes to Remember One of Her Best Films

Even though she went away suddenly at age 96, actress Angela Lansbury will live on in the hearts of fans of her many film and stage roles, such as those in The Manchurian Candidate, Murder, She Wrote, Sweeney Todd, and The King and I.

Having apparently passed away in her sleep, her legions of Twitter followers are remembering her for her role in the Disney classic Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

Angela Lansbury’s captivating performance as Miss Eglantine Price kept the audience enthralled as she used witchcraft to help the Allies win the Battle of Britain during World War II.

Despite being set during wartime, the movie turned out to be a charming and endearing tale for kids of all ages.

Angela Lansbury Fans Are Going Through Old Vhs Tapes to Remember One of Her Best Films

Miss Price finds three children displaced by the London Blitz and takes them under her wing as she travels to learn the final few spells she needs to help halt the fascist invasion.

In exchange for the kids keeping quiet about her power, she gives Paul, the youngest, a magical bedknob that can be used to teleport them anyplace in the world.

The film was likened to Mary Poppins in that a kind, magical adult figure takes a gang of kids under her wing, but it had more overt references to and confrontations with World War II.

While the world will miss Angela Lansbury, the legacy of the iconic Bedknobs and Broomsticks film will ensure that she will never be forgotten. Miss Price, you may finally get some shut-eye.