Angela Rummans From ‘Big Brother’ Breaks Her Silence On Her Breakup With Tyler Crispen!

Angela Rummans, who gained fame by starring in the hit show ‘Big Brother‘, has spoken about her heartbreak after breaking up with Tyler Crispen. The couple met for the first time when the two were competing on the show Big Brother’s season 20 in the year 2018. Angela and Tyler almost instantly hit it off and developed a close bond. The bond developed into romance which the couple maintained throughout the duration of the game.

'Big Brother': Angela Rummans Breaks Silence on Tyler Crispen Breakup

After Angela and Tyler were out of the Big Brother house, the duo continued their relationship, giving fans proof that even reality show relationships can exist in the real world. In the year 2021, the two got engaged on a beach.

But, unfortunately, the couple called it quits after two years of being engaged.

Not much was known about their relationship or their breakup, as Angela and Tyler kept their relationship a little away from the limelight. But, for the very first time after her breakup, Angela has broken her silence and spoke about her split with Tyler.

'Big Brother': Angela Rummans Breaks Silence on Tyler Crispen Breakup

Angela remains active on her Youtube Channel and keeps her fans updated about her life. In one such video named ‘Life Update 2023- Answering Your Questions’, Angela was seen confessing that she is no longer in a relationship with Tyler and the couple is done for good.
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The video was uploaded on her channel on 22nd January 2022 where Angela was seen opening up about her heartbreak.

She said that she knew about all the rumors that have been spreading about her breakup with Tyler. Angela did not want to give way to those rumors and wanted to address this issue herself and speak directly with her fans and clear the rumors.

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According to her in the video, the couple started experiencing trouble in their relationship in 2021 which was just a few months after they got engaged.

ANgela and Tyler realized that this issue needed their attention and they decided to take a break. Soon after, in the year 2022, Angela took part on ‘The Challenge: USA’ in a hope to better their relationship by taking a break. When Angela was on the show, Tyler lived in their shared home in Hilton Head, South Carolina. But, this idea failed and the couple then tried taking couples’ therapy when Angela came back from the show.

After trying hard, the couple came to a mutual decision that they needed to end things for good.

'Big Brother': Angela Rummans Breaks Silence on Tyler Crispen Breakup

The couple seems happy and both Angela and Tyler are trying to move on with their lives after the breakup. But as we all know, some things never change. Given the fact that they had a three year history with each other, the couple have mutual love and respect for one another. They continue to remain friends.

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When they were together, Angela and Tyler started many businesses together. They have written a cookbook together, which focuses on healthy recipes. Tyler and Angela no longer have a love relationship, but they will still collaborate on business projects because they don’t intend to fully cut ties.
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They also co-own the house in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

Even though the couple has called it off, Angela had nothing but love for her ex when she was talking about her breakup in her youtube video.