Angela Simmons’ Top Tips for Achieving Success: A Guide to Reaching Your Goals

On September 18, 1987, Angela Simmons was born in Hollis, Queens, New York City, New York, USA. Supermodel (2015), Angela Simmons Presents: Pressure Creates Diamonds (2019), and Bow Wow feat. Chris Brown & Johntá Austin: Shortie Like Mine are among her best-known productions (2006).

Russell Simmons’ niece, Angela Simmons, is the offspring of Run-Rev. DMC’s Run. She is accustomed to engaging in commercial endeavors while leading a public life. Yet, a can-do attitude may motivate almost any woman. Angela talked about her development as an entrepreneur in an interview with Media.

The first episode of Simmons’ lifestyle series, Just Angela, aired last month. On the website, it is mentioned that visitors may learn more about Angela Simmons. In the episode of the program aired on Aspire TV on May 18, she will talk about her enthusiasm for owning and supporting Black-owned companies. Consequently, cross-promotion of the topic of entrepreneurship is taking place.

Angela Simmons Discusses Her Development as An Entrepreneur Since Her Days in The Pastry Industry

angela simmons success tips

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Angela Simmons is a multi-hyphenate, from “Growing Up Hip Hop” to her skincare line, Simmons Beauty. She has been working since she was a little child to create her own prosperous and powerful business. She is the niece of Russell Simmons and the daughter of Run-DMC star Rev Run.

Angela started her commercial career in 2007 with the introduction of the Pastry shoe line she co-founded with her sister. Last year, during the height of the epidemic, the entrepreneur debuted Simmons Beauty.

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It was a really trying period, but it was also the perfect opportunity for us to take a step back and reconsider our business practices and how to make them relevant to the current situation On AspireTV, Angela’s brand-new television program “Simply Angela” debuted last month as well.

She is thrilled to have a television space that is all about her after growing up in television, specifically on the acclaimed series “Run’s House,” which followed the life of her famous father and his family. Angela will utilize the program to feature other Black company owners, give entrepreneurial lessons, and more in addition to providing viewers a personal look into her day-to-day activities.

The most powerful aspect of everything, in her opinion, is being able to assist others in changing their lives and their perceptions of themselves.

During quarantine, I actually launched my own company, Simmons Beauty, which will celebrate its first anniversary this May. I feel like I’ve just done something unconventional, you know? That was a really difficult period, but it was also a good opportunity for all of us to step back and reconsider our business practices and how to make them relevant to the current situation.

During the first several months of the epidemic, you prepared and released Simmons Beauty. How did you persevere through that trying period and get the guts to just go for it?

I just wanted to do something I enjoy, and since we were at home, we had plenty of time to take care of everything we needed to. Masks, facials, and lots of idleness. You know, I’ve always liked it and I just felt like it was time to move ahead with it, so I just jumped right in.

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Are You Anticipating Having a Home of Your Own?

angela simmons success tips

Absolutely! I believe it provides me a platform where I can share my tale from my perspective and open up to you guys about my true life. I’m going to reveal stuff from my tiny journals and secrets, things that, unless someone was really close to me or one of my pals, probably wouldn’t know about me.

Also, you’ll use the program to showcase additional Black-owned companies and a haul of your favorite items. Why did you think that was important?

I think it’s crucial that we right now support our neighborhood, especially African-American-owned businesses. It’s like we’re reaching out to one another, and utilizing my platform to accomplish that is really important to me because if I have the audience, the visibility, and anything else that may help you advance your business, then by all means, I would love to utilize my platform to do that.

You Coach a Different Businesswoman, How Did You Find that Experience?

To be able to share knowledge or lessons I’ve learned along the road—and, by the way, I’m still learning because I think you learn in business as you go—seems to me to be one of the nicest things ever. Have an open mind and a listening ear at all times. Never have I felt as though I knew everything. In life, there is always more to learn.

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Do You Have Any Business Advice that Has Stood the Test of Time?

angela simmons success tips

Being surrounded by my family and seeing their way of life was really beneficial to me personally. Early on, I learned a lot, and I believe it was really beneficial to me. Seeing these greats perform their craft and absorbing what they do along the way. Unquestionably, like my father, my uncle Russell, and Kimora [Lee Simmons] — there were simply so many people I picked up knowledge from along the road.