Apex Legends Season 13 Release Date, Trailer & New Characters Other Latest Updates

Apex Legends Season 13 Release Date & Other Updates

New Apex Legends have been revealed in the latest update after a long wait. The title “Saviors” has been given to the next 13th season by both Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts.

This new season of the popular free-to-play battle royale video game includes the introduction of a new Legend, Newcastle, who appears to be the brother of Jackson, the protagonist of the previous season.

The new Apex Legends season’s launch trailer is sparse on details, but it teases some of the game’s most significant changes.

Aside from the video game, Newcastle does not appear to be very noteworthy; recent hints and an enormous leak from both hinted that Newcastle would join the cast and provide a hand to the titular character.

Apex Legends' season 13 will bring big changes to the Ranked system | Engadget

When the leak was made public, it was clear to everyone that Newcastle wasn’t simply about protecting its allies when it came to rebuilding, moving, and defending its positions.

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In the Apex Legends season 13 trailer, Newcastle and a new monster are introduced.

To protect his companions from harm, Apex’s newest Legend has arrived.

There’s a new trailer for Apex Legends‘ new Legendary Shielder, who’s ready for the Arena. There are some intense clashes and a sea-faring monster to be seen in the first trailer for Apex Legends’ upcoming season, Savior. Ahead of its April 28 release, Apex Legends: Savior has been announced.

Newcastle, Bangalore's brother, confirmed as Apex's newest legend in season 13, Saviors - Dot Esports

Newcastle, the game’s newest Legend, is the star of the teaser, which is consistent with a leak in March. In an earlier Stories from the Outlands movie, Newcastle was first revealed to be Jackson, Bangalore’s brother.

Seeing him in action in the Apex Arena was a first, as was Bangalore realizing the suspiciously masked Newcastle was in fact her long-lost brother for the first time.

In the clip, a gigantic opponent invades the Arena, forcing Newcastle, his sister, and the rest of the Legends to square battle against each other with their shields. Before Newcastle can shield everyone, a beast rises from the ocean and kills a handful of Legends.

There are a lot of hints at new content in this teaser, but we won’t know for sure until the season launches later this week, when Respawn will announce additional details.

Watch Trailer Here

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When will the 13th season premiere?

Apex’s 13th season is set to begin on May 10. When it comes to the upcoming season, Respawn will continue to release teaser trailers like “Hero,” which is expected to be released on April 28.

When will be season 13 Battle Passes available?

There will be a battle pass for Season 13. The Saviors’ battle pass offers “legendary weapon skins, reactive skins, and more,” according to the season page.

Also confirmed on the page are daily and weekly challenges, which generally follow the battle pass. If you want to get a head start in Season 13, the premium battle pass will go on sale on May 10.

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