Apple gets its paw in the puddle with the notch on the new MacBook Pro! see the video

At its last event Apple unveiled a new line of MacBook Pro, which in addition to the new processors also bring considerable changes to its design. One of the impossible-to-go unnoticed novelties is the addition of a notch at the top of the screen, something never seen before on a laptop.

As expected, this decision by the Cupertino giant split the their fans, many of whom do not accept this news as a “good change”.

Recently, a serious problem was revealed in macOS regarding the implementation of notch, which will certainly not please users who have already invested in the new MacBook Pro.

Apple forgot to adapt macOS to the new MacBook Pro notch

This is a flaw that in itself is serious, but it gets even worse if consider that a new version of macOS was released very recently.

Quinn Nelson, owner of Snazzy Labs, posted on his Twitter account a hilarious video where we can see how terrible the integration of notch into current version of macOS.

Essentially, the operating system does not recognizes the existence of the notch in several situations, which results in items in the status bar being hidden behind the notch.

For now Apple has not officially recognized this flaw in its operating system, but it seems guaranteed that it won’t be long before it is released an update to correct this situation. Especially after the great controversy generated by the arrival of notch to the MacBook Pro, the Cupertino giant will do everything possible to avoid more complications in front of its fans.

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