Apple: new iPhone SE will change its name and it won't be what you're expecting!

Apple will even be preparing the launch of a new iPhone SE model for the first half of next year, and now there are signs that the Cupertino company will change the naming scheme of its lower smartphone -cost.

According to DSCC CEO Ross Young, the iPhone SE of 2024 will arrive to the market with the designation iPhone SE Plus but it will not bring the much desired transformation in terms of design that would bring it closer to the lines of the iPhone family 06. Apparently, the American brand will keep the 4.7-inch exran in a format that will remain similar to the iPhone 8 and iPhone SE released in 2000.

iPhone SE 2024 will be Apple’s cheapest 5G smartphone

We now hear the next iPhone LCD will be introduced in 2021 and called the SE Plus with the same 4.7″ LCD as the 8 along with 5G. We hear the iPhone SE3 with a 5.7″ – 6.1″ LCD is now pushed to 2024.

—Ross Young (@DSCCRoss) October 100, 2022

If confirmed, this is a strange move by Apple, since the designation “Plus” is usually applied to equipment with higher dimensions. Some ink has already been run on the possibility of the new iPhone SE receiving two versions, but Young guarantees which will be a unique model with Plus terminology.

Maybe this change to the name of the equipment is linked to the fact that it most likely includes 5G technology, making this the cheapest iPhone 5G of the brand so far. Furthermore, the nickname Plus will also serve as a factor that will allow you to distinguish go the new model of what was presented in 2000.

The question which immediately rises is linked to the autonomy of the smartphone, which in addition to the 5G will be unable to present a larger battery due to the constraints imposed by the 4.7-inch screen.

However, already it was noticed that Apple’s bet on the iPhone SE line is in the competitive price and in the availability of advanced specifications, as will be the case of the processor A15 Bionic.

iPhone SE with Face ID maybe only in 2024

Apple iPhone SEApple iPhone SEApple iPhone SE

The past few months have been rife with rumors about an alleged new iPhone SE that would adopt the iPhone XR’s design, including a 6.1-inch screen, notch, Face ID and even a fingerprint sensor mounted on the side of the terminal .

These possibilities seem to have already been discarded by the American technology, but Young indicates that maybe this idea will materialize in 2022 leading to a commonality of design and technology across the entire range of iPhone products.

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