Apple prepares launch of first foldable iPhone

The launch of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 boosted the foldable mobile phone market. In recent months, the rumor about the possible launch of the first foldable iPhone has gained traction, pointing to the arrival on the market in 2021. After the iPhone 13, and before the development of the technological market with the presentation of the range Samsung of folding devices, everything indicates that Apple already has prototypes under test.

The information is still to be confirmed, however, should it happen, fans will be able to count on an eight-inch OLED panel display with Quad HD+ resolution, revealed Ming-Chi Kuo, the main Apple’s market analyst in recent statements posted by technology sites. Currently, there are about five types of main screens: LCD, IPS LCD, AMOLED, Retina and of course the OLED screen. OLED is the evolution of LED illuminated displays. Instead of LCD liquid crystals, OLED relies on organic diodes. These polymers are able to emit their own light, turning off when there is no need for color, therefore reproducing the black color quite accurately.

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Folding iPhone concept created by LetsGoDigital

According to some sources, Kuo found that Apple should hire Samsung as a supplier of technologies necessary to produce the iPhone with flexible screen. “The only component that wouldn’t come from Samsung would be the touch screen sensor produced by TPK”, can be read on the respective website. Another site, pplware, even stated that Apple’s folding should close in a cup and be an iPhone Flip, with one of the prototypes having an “almost invisible” hinge below the screen. This means that while there are no official confirmations for the apple brand, the market will continue to talk about the “leaks” that arise.

The popular leaker Jon Prosser recently unveiled a video where he provided some possible details about Apple’s collapsible. According to Prosser, Apple will have already finished the folding iPhone format, saying the brand will not adopt the opening format like a book. Quoted by pplware, he said that “one of the goals of this clamshell-shaped folding iPhone is to make it available in various colors, as fun colors, similar to basic iPhone models. If this design is confirmed, Apple will follow the trend of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip.

Jon Prosser also said that this model should have a lower price than the equipment in this segment of rival brands, and could cost around 1.236 euros. Rumor has it that the company has filed a new patent for detecting cracks in the screen of its future “foldable,” a document granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Experts explain that folding screens are more prone to damage and therefore to crack. Although it is not difficult to determine when there is a crack in the “display”, small flaws can go unnoticed and compromise the functioning of the panel. This seems, then, to prove that the technological giant will integrate the tool in a flexible “display”, or better said, in its folding iPhone.

Despite all expectations, it is important to emphasize that the release is still not certain. There is no confirmation that this product will actually be marketed, as Apple may simply change its strategy until 2021.

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