Are Brittan And James still together After Showcasing In ‘Too Hot To Handle’?

There was a good mix of sincere bonds and purely lust-driven motivations in Too Hot to Handle’s fourth season. Model Brittan Byrd and personal trainer James Pendergrass were one of the couples that quickly formed in the Turks and Caicos villa. Read the article till the end to know if the couple still together or now parted their ways.
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Who Is Brittan Byrd?

On Too Hot To Handle season 4, Brittan Byrd may not have advanced to the finals, but her Instagram has been exploding ever since the Hawaiian beauty made an appearance on the popular Netflix series. The 22-year-old fell in love with fellow Hawaiian James Pendergrass, and one of three intact couples concluded the programme. They had a unique run because they were the only couple to follow the rules and not advance to the finals. However, since the filming, Brittan is now becoming well-known online.

are brittan and james still together

Who Is James Pendergrass?

The singles in Too Hot To Handle are back and ready to mingle, but they have no idea what digital assistant Lana has in store for them.

James Pendergrass, a 23-year-old single, is one of the participants scheduled to appear on the Netflix dating reality series. The competitor is a Hawaii-based physical therapist who has also done some modelling.

The upcoming contestant is athletic and enjoys shooting hoops whenever he can; his background in sports may be helpful when Lana sets the rules.

His Instagram currently has 7169 followers, and once the show airs, that number will probably rise.

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Is The Couple Still Together?

Yes! Brittan claims in the tell-all video that the couple took a break immediately after filming because they were unsure of their relationship’s status at the time.
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However, after moving to Los Angeles, both former Hawaii residents began to interact with one another more frequently. They’re in the “dating phase” right now, and James says it feels “so good” to be out in the open.

Regarding pre-reveal hints, the couple was both active on Instagram, where they follow each other, like each other’s posts, and leave flirtatious, witty comments on each other’s posts. James captioned one of his photos from two weeks ago, “Sea no evil,” and Brittan reacted by adding the phrase, “Sea no flaws,” along with a fire emoji.

are brittan and james still together

Additionally, they were both present when the cast reunited and filmed a promotional piece in London.

James posted sweet personal shout-outs to Nick, Seb, and Creed while Brittan shared several posts with the season 4 women.

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Regarding TikTok, the couple actually defied expectations because they were the only couple among the season 4 contestants to record clips together. James shared a number of videos that specifically addressed Brittan-related plotlines and the never-ending “are they still together?” queries. Since the couple has become public, James has continued to post about how beautiful Brittan is (as he should).

Where Are They Both After ‘Too Hot To Handle’?

James and Brittan didn’t take home the big prize, but they appeared content to leave the retreat together. It’s difficult to tell if they are all just one big happy friend group or if people are still in relationships because both are very active on Instagram with their cast members and follow one another.

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If anything, James appears to be the crew’s unofficial leader on social media as he participates in group posts with some of the other guys after the early 2022 filming and even receives comments from Jawa, someone he wasn’t romantically involved with.