Love at First Date: Are Perfect Match’s Chloe Veitch and Shayne Jansen Still a Perfect Match?

Shayne Jansen, a contestant from Love Is Blind season 2, and Chloe Veitch, a contestant from Too Hot to Handle season 1 and The Circle season 2, were two cast members on season 1 of Perfect Match, a Netflix reality TV dating show.

The show ‘Perfect Match’ gathers contestants from past reality dating shows like ‘Love is Blind’, ‘Too Hot To Handle”, and ‘The Circle’ and gives them another chance at finding love by dating each other and finding their perfect match.

Every week, contestants who fail to find a match are eliminated and new contestants arrive at the show who try to break the couples and find a perfect match of their own. In the end, the contestants who were eliminated, vote for a couple that they think is the perfect match, and the couple with the most votes are declared the winner along with a cash prize.

Who is Chloe Veitch?

Are Chloe and Shayne Still Together?

Chloe Veitch is a British reality TV star who rose to fame after appearing on the Netflix dating show ‘Too Hot to Handle’. Born on March 6, 1999, in Essex, England, Chloe began her career as a model before transitioning to reality television. She quickly gained popularity for her bubbly personality, infectious smile, and stunning looks.

She is also known to have appeared in the second season of the show ‘The Circle’, in Channel 4’s ‘Celebrity Ghost Trip’ in 2021, where she was partnered with Too Hot To Handle co-star Nicole O’Brien, and in ‘Celebrity Hunted’ in 2022.

She has also amassed a massive following on social media, with millions of fans following her on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Chloe is known for her outgoing nature, confidence, and positivity, and is considered one of the rising stars of the reality TV genre. Despite her success, she remains humble and grateful for the opportunities that have come her way and is committed to using her platform for positive change.

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Who is Shayne Jansen?

Are Chloe and Shayne Still Together?

Shayne Jansen is an American reality TV personality who gained fame after appearing on Season 2 of the dating show ‘Love Is Blind’, where he pursued a relationship with Natalie Lee. The pair made it to the altar, but when Shayne said, “I do,” Natalie said, “I do not.”

Born on July 18, 1993, in Florida, Shayne grew up in a small town and worked as a professional model before transitioning to reality television.

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Are Shayne and Chloe Still Together?

The answer seems to be NO.

Shayne Jansen, one of the former contestants of ‘Perfect Match‘ initially couldn’t find a match for himself and it seemed like he will have to leave the show. 

Everything seemed to fall off for Shayne until he met Chloe. There instantly sparked romance between the two when they went on a date together. Shayne found her personality to be very charming and they decided to match with each other. Chloe even confessed later that she was falling for Shayne.

The couple seemed perfect together and it even looked like they will be the endgame, until Chloe’s ex Mitchell Eason, whom she met when they both appeared in Season Two of ‘The Circle’ arrived.

Are Chloe and Shayne Still Together?

They dated for eight months after they met on the show and left things unresolved and abruptly between them. The romance between Chloe and Mitchell rekindled and Jansen was sent back home fleetingly. 

After a short while, Chloe realized that nothing has changed between her and Mitchell and they were still stuck on the same issues that eventually led to their breakup. Chloe decided to finally call it off with Mitchell and Jason returned to the ‘Perfect Match’ villa. 

The couple seemed to fight about some past issues but they eventually worked it out and made it to the finale, but ultimately Dom Gabriel and Georgia Hassarati were crowned as the winners. 

Now that the finale has aired, we have confirmation that Chloe and Shayne are…not still dating. Chloe in an interview stated that one of the main reasons she and Shayne broke up was because of their long-distance relationship( Chloe lives in the UK while Shayne is based in Chicago).