The Question on Everyone’s Lips: Are Cole and Zanab Still Together?

A rollercoaster of emotions. It surely has been a bumpy road for the Love Is Blind couple, Cole Barnett and Zanab Jaffrey. Is the couple married or split? Keep reading the article to know what happened to these cuties post-season.

Who is Cole Barnett?

Are Cole and Zanab Still Together?

Cole Barnett is a 27-year-old founder of Bdellium Real Estate. In 2017, Cole graduated from  King’s University with a Bachelor’s degree in General Christian Studies. He has also spent time working as a youth pastor in San Diego. For those who are not aware, youth pastors guide children and young adults, teach them about Christianity, encourage them to worship, and get involved in social welfare projects.

After completing his pastoral duties, Barnett returned to Texas and began his career in real estate. He decided to start his own business after working for a year and a half. Renovating houses, restoring neighborhoods, and providing solutions for renters is Cole’s life goal.

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Who is Zanab Jaffrey?

Are Cole and Zanab Still Together?

Originally from the UK and previously living in London, Zanab Jaffrey has flown and traveled all around the world working as a flight attendant for American Airlines, according to her LinkedIn. She is a 32-year-old realtor, who has worked for over 6 years with the commercial airline as a flight attendant. 

Previously, she was a fitness instructor for LA Fitness and SPENGA in Texas. She graduated from The University of Texas at Arlington with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations/Image Management.

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Are Zanab and Cole Still Together?

That would be a big fat ‘NO’.

Zanab and Cole are not together post-season of‘ Love is Blind After The Altar’. This couple had definitely one of the bumpiest rides of all. They have struggled so much with having completely different personalities and finding it extremely difficult to have conversations and communicate with each other.

On the day of the wedding, the flight attendant refused to marry Cole at the altar and opened up about how he made her feel over the weeks together. 

“You have disrespected me, you have insulted me, you have critiqued me, and for what it’s worth, you have single-handedly shattered my self-confidence, and I hate that you have had that kind of effect on me,” Zanab told Cole in front of their wedding guests.


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“And the messed up thing is I know I love you, but everything in me and the logical part of my brain tells me that love shouldn’t feel this way and love shouldn’t hurt like this. I can’t marry you.”

During their chats on the pod, these two bonded a lot over their shared religious beliefs. Both seemed to look for a partner who shared their Christian background. In fact, Zanab even told Cole she wants to have a prayerful relationship. So, don’t judge if everyone thought that this match was made in heaven.

The pair seemed totally obsessed with each other when they first saw each other after getting engaged. Upon meeting, Cole tells Zanab that she looks like a model, and they share a few pretty steamy kisses.

Cole and Zanab’s relationship started hitting rough water shortly after the two got engaged on a walled-off pod. 

Cole spread outrage among viewers when she asked Zanab if she was bipolar because Cole had a hard time making the connection between the Zanab he spoke to in the pods and the woman he met outside them.

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Their relationship was questioned again when Cole confessed to being attracted to another contestant on the show Colleen Reed. Cole said Zanab was not “physically” his “type” and that he was very attracted to the ballerina. Colleen on the other hand also reciprocated Cole’s feelings confessing that she would have approached him in a bar in the real world. 

During the reunion episode, the Texas native claimed Cole made a reference to her overeating while she was munching on a clementine. Zanab was a little overly dramatic with the tale, as evidenced by the scene that played out during the closing credits. What she failed to mention was that they had a reservation for dinner at a steakhouse and that Cole didn’t want her to spoil her appetite.

Though the two don’t follow each other on Instagram anymore and Zanab has removed all their posts together, Cole still has the pretty moments captured of the two on the show put up on his Instagram saying, “It’s very difficult to watch us struggle in Malibu, and if I could change the mistakes and those moments I would. We had high highs and low lows, here’s some of the moments I’ll never forget.”


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Overall, it doesn’t seem like their relationship will be fixed any time soon, but we wish them luck in finding someone special.